Ariana Grande, NE-YO, Rihanna and more celebs show solidarity with Sudan

Celebrities have taken matters into their own hands by using their social media platforms to spread word about the Sudan massacres


Sudanese protestors are currently being brutally killed and severely injured by the military. After the former dictator of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir was removed from power on April 11th, demonstrators have been protesting for a democratic government.

According to CBS News, doctors have revealed to counting at least 118 bodies since the siege by government-backed paramilitary groups. This includes 40 pulled out of the Nile River, while the government has only admitted to about 60 deaths. Since the military crackdown, the government has completely shut down the internet to conceal its massacres and crimes against civilians.

Sudanese protesters burning tyres to erect a barricade on a street

Through the appalling crisis yet low international attention and media coverage on the massacres, celebrities have taken matters into their own hands by using their social media platforms to spread word about the issue, which has resulted in the conception of the social media movement aiming to force governments of Western countries to pressure the ruling military to hand power to the country’s protesting masses. SZA, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Demi Lovato and more have shown solidarity with Sudan through social media posts, while George Clooney has co-written an article in Politico highlighting how American Congress can help stop the killings in Sudan.

You may have also noticed a viral blue profile picture going around. The action has now become a symbol of support for Sudan. This was led by the killing of 26 year old engineer, Mohamed Hashim Mattar, on June 3rd, who was reportedly shot dead by the military during a crackdown on protestors in the nation’s capital, Khartoum. Mattar’s profile picture was blue at the time of his death.

Mohamed Hashim Mattar, killed during protest, has now led thousands of people in changing their profile pictures to blue to show solidarity with Sudan.

More celebrities who have spread awareness for the ongoing violence in Sudan;


Yara Shahidi


Naomi Campbell

Nhlanhla Nciza

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Let us continue praying for Sudan😔🙏

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