How DJ Sbu helps indebted student unleash her street hustler fairytale and get out of debt fast

DJ Sbu's ultimate street hustler spirit was put to the test once again as he helped an indebted university student take to the streets to experience firsthand one of life's greatest philosophies - deeply rooted in the notion of handups instead of handouts

DJ Sbu teaches an indebted Pretria University selling how to sell his MoFaya energy drinks in the streets and earn money
DJ Sbu's hustler spirit became evident as he teaches an indebted Pretoria University student 'how to catch a fish'

“Let’s all help @Laukiie_30 and others like her, help themselves. Let’s teach them how to sell in the hot sun and make money.”

That’s how DJ Sbu’s Twitter message read in part as he not only seek to assist an indebted university student who had asked for financial assistance from the celebrated broadcaster and social entrepreneur, but let other likeminded youngsters experience firsthand one of life’s greatest lessons (adage):

“Give a (wo) man fish, and you feed him/her for a day, teach them to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.”

This compelling lesson – which assumes that given the chance, or the opportunity to learn a trade,  people have the capacity to better their own lives – all started when a Pretoria university student asked DJ Sbu for R2500 to pay for her outstanding fees in order for her to graduate.

Instead the former Metro FM presenter invited her to join him on a life-changing journey, offering to teach her how to make money by selling MoFaya energy drink (as the Twitter user below indictated).

In the end not only did she manage to raise enough to pay off her debt, but doubled the money than was needed, all in just under a day. 

Talk about an ultimate street hustler mentality!

About MoFaya

MoFaya Beverage Company prides itself as South Africa’s first 100% black owned premium energy drink!

Two years after only selling at Bree taxi rank, founder DJ Sbu (real name Sbusiso Leope) announced in 2017 the sale of a 26% stake of the company to Coca-Cola for R493 million.

For those wondering how they can get their hands on one of Mzansi’s most talked beverages, MoFaya is now available in 152 stores nationwide, including Game, Dion, Saverite, Jumbo Cash n Carry, Cambridge and Liquorland.

Here’s list of stores offering MoFaya in KwaZulu-Natal as DJ Sbu indicated himself!

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