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LiquiFruit blackfaces its way out of accountability

LiquiFruit maker Pioneer Foods is taking hits for blackfacing its way out of accountability after gross slimy dark fungus were found inside juice boxes in recent weeks.

By Mosa Cibi

Rotten juice boxes laced with gross dark slimy mold have in recent months been found in LiquiFruit juice boxes nationwide (as shown in the X post below), resulting in social media backlash as throng of users across X (formerly Twitter) post pictures and videos expressing their disgust and outrage.

Instead of launching a recall of these products, what has Pioneer Foods subsidiary done? Blackface themselves out of backlash as the powers that be refuse to take accountability.

Aware of the hits they are taking on social media, it looks as if the company has opted to use social media content creators to run promo campaigns in order to not only manage the crisis, but persuade customers to purchase the products nonetheless.

To understand this, you simply need to search the hashtag #Nothingquiteliquifruit to see that this is purely a marketing strategy to primarily do damage control.

To make matters worse, ShoDinx, a popular tiktoker and content creator has been roped in to seemingly cover the fact that harmful products are being sold to South Africans with seemingly no intention of doing a product recall.

The Department of health has also remained mum, however one can only hope that these products pose no risk to customers’ health and well-being.

What people say: #Nothingquiteliquifruit X (Twitter) reaction:

While it remains unclear if LiquiFruit has any plans to address the matter in any foreseeable future and assure customers that the safety of their products and their health is of any importance, X users are not taking this lying down.

As such many have expressed their disgust at the South African packaged goods company for trying to blackface its way out of accountability as shown below, while others are cautioning against buying their juices at questionable retailers and spaza shops.

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