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5 study apps learners of all ages need to overcome back-to-school anxiety

Planning for the academic year can be stressful for many, but thanks to a variety of study apps available for iOS, Android as well as Huawei AppGallery users, which have all the important tools learners of all ages and stages of education need to overcome the daunting January back-to-school anxiety.

It’s that time of the year again, when learners across the country look forward to progressing to the new academic year after a roller-coaster year of learning and uncertainty, as many still try to find their feet – in the back of the much-needed schools overhaul post Covid-19 that is.

For those a little worried about adjusting back to their daily school routines, here’s a look at a variety of study apps – available not only for iOS and traditional Android devices but also on the Google Play Store alternative for Huawei phones, the AppGallery (home to Petal Maps) – that can ease the anxiety and help both students and their parents get 2023 off on the right foot.

  1. Matric Live Learning App: Go the extra mile

A multifunctional learning app reinventing the way pupils learn by making learning contextual, visual, and not just theoretical, the Matric Live Learning app covers both the CAPS, a nationwide curriculum implemented by public schools in South Africa and IEB curriculum. Also available on Google Play, it also suitable for grade 10’s and 11’s, and provides a valuable scope for subjects such as English, Business Studies, Mathematics, Life Science and more. From terminology searches, study guides, past paper, and exam timetables, all the tools are provided for.

What’s more, the app provides motivational quotes, ensuring that you maintain a positive attitude, even when demotivated and challenged at times.

  1. Sleep Cycle: Improve your sleeping pattern

The holidays were an exciting time for students to go to bed late and sleep in. Getting back into the rhythm of going to bed early and waking up at the crack of dawn can be trickier. This is where the Sleep Cycle comes in, to help learners pay attention and make small adjustments to bad daily practices, like sticking to a bedtime routine, especially those who struggle with insomnia. This is something that has been scientically proven (e.g.Pub Med); that self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies can effectively help students improve their time management, as well as their ability to set learning goals.

Available on all three of the world’s top three app marketplaces, including Huawei AppGallery, through the Sleep Cycle app, students can track their sleep using their smartphones and start their day feeling energised using an intelligent alarm clock and sleep tracker.

  1. Maximise your performance

Millions of people around the world use ‘’ to stay organised and get more done. This is a free to-do list, calendar, and reminder app all-in-one. Students can easily add and track tasks, set reminders, create smart lists, plan their day, and collaborate on shared projects, minus the typical hassles. They can quickly make lists and activity reports for each of their subjects and prioritise them according to the due dates of homework and assignments. Of course, allows for easy synchronisation across several devices, browsers, and the Web, so students remain in the know wherever they are.

  1. Camscanner: Copy all important documents in minutes

Is there an important scientific diagram you need to turn into a digital copy and safely share on cloud space? Or useful notes on the overhead projector which is too much of a chore for you to write out? Then Camscanner should be the go-to app for not only for students, but tutors too as this free app can save so many hours of trying to rush notetaking in class.

Students can generate clearer and sharper image by scanning their assignments with the APP, while tutors can scan books, case studies and edit images and turn them into user-friendly PDF or PowerPoint presentations. It also features an AI algorithm that recognises typed and handwritten text in images with incredible accuracy.

  1. GradStar App: Increase your chances of employment during and post matric
The proudly South African GradStar App is available not only for iOS and Android devices but also on the Google Play Store alternative for Huawei phones, the AppGallery.

Who said top performing students don’t need any more motivation? GradStar app, a branch of yearly awards convention honouring top 100 students throughout South Africa, is the country’s largest student work readiness and recognition programme.

The awards are open full time students and recent graduates with less than 2 years’ work experience.

Downloaded the app to enter the competition and stand a chance to be among the chosen top 500 candidates who will go through a further work readiness assessments before the top 100 are chosen and hosted along top recruiters around the country during the awards.

Tankiso Komane
Tankiso Komane
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