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AXIA Coin appoints SA billionaire to lead its philanthropic efforts

Asset-supported global currency AXIA Coin officially launches after years in the making, and appoints South African billionaire entrepreneur Quinton van der Burgh to lead its philanthropic efforts.

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Designed to empower participants to be their own creators of value through decentralised activity, the revolutionary new network, which launched on cryptocurrency exchange leader KuCoin on July 15 amid much-fanfare, uses blockchain and smart contract technology to “radically change customers’ relationship with money”, a statement sent to NOWinSA reads in part.

This is done through an inclusive financial network and digital currency that not only acts as a store of value, but can deliver ongoing value to its community members. It will include more than a dozen applications and connected platforms – such as AXIA Capital Bank, AXplorer web browser, AXstore product marketplace and AXbox streaming platform – all which are designed to deliver constant value to users in a wide variety of ways.

Excited to be part of this groundbreaking development in blockchain and cryptocurrency history, celebrated SA serial entrepreneur Quinton Van der Burgh said AXC ecosystem will be game changer in the global business sector.

“AXIA is going to foster global philanthropy and entrepreneurship, more so than ever before. The mere fact that we are setting the stage as a public offering (and a coin) so that people can integrate their businesses into their lives, telecommunications, data, create business opportunities with global reach as well as listing their companies on the AXIA platform will give them an international reach and presence.”

Van der Burgh also hailed the company for changing the how transacting and banking will be done on a day-to-day basis by “way of eliminating transactional fees from customer to customer, as well as third party transfers, and the fact that the platform rewards coin owners”.

What aVan der Burgh brings to AXIA

A true business maverick, Van der Burgh has an extensive knowledge in marketing, mergers and business development in the telecommunications industry, coal mining and property development, including surprisingly reality television producing. 

The Witbank-born entrepreneur’s knack for giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of others can be traced back to almost a decade ago when he crossed paths with Generosity Waters, a charitable organisation which has brought clean water to as many people as 700 000 people in the developing world – where he currently serves as the president.

One of his major philanthropic highlights include starting the QVDB Foundation, of which achievements to date include the Acts of Generosity, an initiative aimed at helping South Africans drowning in debt. 

His most recent venture with top American celebrity photographer John Russo has culminated in the release of the much-publicised book ‘100 Making a Difference‘. 

The book features individuals who devote a large portion of their time and wealth to charitable causes, among them Serena Williams, Viola Davis, Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As for his day-to-day responsibilities at AXIA, he’s charged with steering the 118 foundations it’s linked to, looking at ways to raise money and awareness about these foundations (and their causes) around the world.

“The excitement for me is bringing attention to the multiple foundations AXIA supports and their causes, by raising money and awareness for each cause. For those AXIA customers who save money and transactional fees, it will contribute towards making a difference in the lives of others globally,” Van der Burgh said.

AXIA Coin’s talent pool, how the system works?

In addition to Van der Burgh, the company has attracted some of the world’s most renowned startup geniuses including, Ravi Chamria, an ITpreneur with 22 years of experience in building internet ventures, and strategy expert Richard Goyer as the head of business development.

AXIA founder Nick Agar has an extensive experience in financial research and analysis, while operations adviser Evannah Emmanuel boasts more than 25 years experience in commercial banking, and nearly a decade in development banking.

Explaining how the system works, Agar had this to say: “AXIA utilises smart contract enabled network logic to move the industry forward in an attempt to bring decentralisation and monetary transparency to bear in the ‘trustless’ world of digital currency.”

He added: “Doing so will seed the development of various new economic models built into its digital asset ecosystem to address the monetary and economic shortcomings of other digital token projects. We look forward to expanding its application to deliver value to people across the globe.”

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