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Sho Madjozi book signing event brings festive cheer to little ones

A global icon. An inspiration to young black kids. That's how South African musician Sho Madjozi has been described as she continues to bring more than festive holiday cheer to the little ones during special book signing celebrations throughout the country in the coming weeks. See pictures below of her official book launch event at the Mall of Africa in Gauteng.

The festive season is in full swing and nothing brings holiday excitement to the little ones like a great book signing get-together with Sho Madjozi; so here is exactly what went down at Mall Africa, Johannesburg early this week (December 21) when the award-winning South African musician hosted a special book signing event for her newly released children’s book, ‘Shoma and the Stars‘, which formed part of her nationwide book tour.

Inspiring black kids!

Right in time for January, 2023 school re-opening/calendar!

Shoma and the Stars is available at selected bookstores(as listed here), including Exclusive Books, Book Circle Capital and Bargain Books.

Described as a heart-warming story of adventure, community, and friendship, the book pays tribute to the Epic Records signed musician’s younger sister, Makhanani, who died in a car crash in 2019.

“A few days after I lost my sister, thousands of girls rocked the colourful Sho Madjozi braids. They were like bright little stars when my life felt so dark,” the Limpopo-born star said adding: “My young fans gave me the strength to keep going. They are my biggest inspiration and, with this book, I want to encourage them to celebrate being daring and different.”

The book tells the tale of a little girl called, Shoma, who grows up in rural South Africa.

 ‘Shoma and the Stars’ includes an immersive visual experience that incorporates augmented reality – with the story brilliantly brought to live by illustrator Katlego Keokgale.

Different a every way imaginable, from the way she dresses and styles her hair, Shoma has a little sister, Nyeleti, with whom she does everything until the day Nyeleti, meaning “star” in Xitsonga, disappears to become a star in the sky.

Not only does she have to learn to accept her loss and navigate life as an outsider, but that her uniqueness is her true power. By being herself, Shoma saves the day and finds a new group of “sisters”.

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