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Ex-cop serial killer Rosemary Ndlovu caught with a phone in prison

South African convicted serial killer and former policewoman convicted in the death of her boyfriend and five relatives for life insurance payouts, has been charged with contravening the Correctional Services Act disciplinary after she was found with a cellphone in prison.

Johannesburg – Notorious convicted serial killer and fraudster Rosemary Ndlovu – who is serving time for the deaths of six people – has been caught with a cellphone in prison and charged with breaking the rules of her incarceration.

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) on Sunday said it had “internally charged Rosemary Ndlovu for contravening the Correctional Services Act after being caught with a mobile phone”. 

The DCS said inmates found in possession of cellphones are charged in terms of Section 23 (1) of Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998. 

Altogether, the life insurance policies were said to have netted Ndlovu – a well-known gambler at casinos – an estimated 1.4 million rand.

Last week, Ndlovu, who is serving several life sentences for orchestrating the killings, was back in court accused of conspiring with a colleague to murder her husband.

A documentary series on Ndlovu’s murderous exploits titled, “Rosemary’s Hitlist” is airing on Showmax.

On Sunday, the DCS said inmates caught with a cellphone are charged internally and then reprimanded accordingly, a process which may involve a withdrawal of privileges for a specified period, reclassification (downgrade), and other punitive measures. 

The DCS said illegal activities and deviant behaviour by inmates have no place in correctional facilities. 

The DCS said it was working towards achieving contraband-free centres, hence different measures are being employed using removing all illegal items in our centres.

*Original article: Serial Killer Rosemary Ndlovu Caught With A Cellphone In Prison – The Bulrushes

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