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Say goodbye to sound leakage with GenAI-powered Honor Magic6 Pro

Honor Magic6 Pro cements itself as a must-have premium device thanks to several advanced technological innovations, notably the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered biometric authentication and the upgraded AI Privacy Call (3.0), game-changing features for those looking to safeguard their data privacy amid the increasingly sophisticated generative AI capabilities.

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to develop and touch every aspect of our personal and professional lives, the growing concern over its implications when it comes to exposing users’ data can not be ignored.

Thanks to recent advance tech innovations such as the AI Privacy Call 3.0, smartphone users are starting to see more action taken, and not just talks, on the subject of data privacy amid the increasingly sophisticated generative AI capabilities – and other AI tools which expose consumers to other unintentional or unauthorised data disclosures.

This is where Honor Magic6 Pro – equipped with the privacy enhancing feature and the robust Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 powered biometric authentication to keep your data safe – comes in.

The upgraded Privacy Call feature addresses the issue of sound leakage, a common concern for those who answer calls in public spaces.

How it works

First introduced by the Chinese tech brand two years ago with the Honor Magic4
Pro, it’s the first of its kind on a smartphone designed to ensure clear communication without reducing volume

Utilising a combination of AI and hardware, the screen and the receiver work together to adjust the volume of the incoming audio to suit different environments, ensuring that people standing next to you in public places like in an elevator or taxi, cannot hear the caller’s voice or tour conversation.

Available in black and epi-green, the Honor Magic6 Pro can be purchased at selected retailers country-wide at recommended price of R27,999.

Outstanding (180MP) camera capabilities

The phone also comes with the upgraded AI Falcon Camera System. The system features a powerful 180MP Periscope Telephoto lens, ensuring users capture intricate details from afar without worries they’ll come out blurry.

Furthermore, the camera has received an outstanding Gold DXOMARK score of 158 points, all thanks to tech advances like the AI Motion Sensing Capture, which utilises generative technology to enable wide depth of field in scenes with subjects in multiple planes, as well as good photo detail at most zoom settings, with fast and accurate image autofocus.

Only few misses were noted, such as motion blur on portraits, understandably in very low light, as well as slight modification of objects when capturing high-contrast scenes.

On a more positive note, the updated version of the Honor AI Falcon Camera holds over 8 million images, 28 times larger than the previous generation, within its AI network.

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