South Africa’s creative economy receives innovation from 3M’s Original Post-It brand

New Post-it® Notes Cape Town Colours Collection goes a long way in helping stimulate economic activity in South Africa

post-it south africa

As South Africa’s growth potential continues to be hampered by the messy political state, the socio-economic impact of the cultural and creative industries and the arts, can not continue to be ignored. To help stimulate economic activity in South Africa, arts practitioners and innovators are encouraged to look for ways to unlock the creative economy’s potential, estimated to be around R90bn. Drawing attention to the growing impact of cultural and creative industries’ economic power, the City of Cape Town has inspired the creation of a range of Post-It notes focused on driving innovation and creativity in the sector.

Inspired by the mother city’s vibrancy and creativity, the Post-It Notes Cape Town Colours Collection is perfectly designed to spark creativity and foster unity not only in the workplace but among the South African citizens.
Bright, lively and bold with a vivid array of tones perfect for any personality, it reflects the burgeoning sector of potential that is driving the SA economy in its entirety. Its five eye-catching color palettes are a true reflection of the bold and magnificent Muizenburg and Bo-Kaap.

“A global inspiration, the Post-It® Notes Cape Town Colors Collection aims to showcase the transformative power of color,” says Nellie Knappe, Sales and Marketing Manager, Stationery and Office Supplies Division at the award-winning global science company 3M South Africa. It points to color’s ability to trigger the imagination, organize thoughts and foster self-expression, Knapp’s added.

Coinciding with the 2018 Heritage Month under the theme ‘Reclaiming, restoring and celebrating our living heritage’ the the Post-It collection gives the country an opportunity to explore the role of color to illustrate South Africa’s rich and diverse cultures, blending together to form the Rainbow Nation.

Available in a variety of sizes – the Super Sticky Notes and Recyclable Notes – in selected stationery stores, retailers and online retailers nationwide, members of the public are welcomed to explore all the new city collections by visiting
“We are humbled to have the opportunity to give the country a way to celebrate a world of color that is deeply entrenched in our heritage and are keen to see how the notes bright colors spark unique ways to organize and express, from the home to the office and beyond through the vitality of color,” concluded Knappe.