Former Miss South Africa first princess Boipelo Mabe unveils a new vegan skincare line

“This is a step towards disproving the notion that Africans consume what they don’t produce,” says the former beauty queen Boipelo Mabe.


In the world of business, two things continue to be at play in determining one’s potential to succeed in their chosen field of sphere; the level of entrepreneurial readiness and the ability to seize opportunities in emerging markets.
As business experts would tell you, the trick lies in the ability to identify a gap in the market to service – whether it’s an emerging or existing industry – and that’s exactly what the former Miss South Africa first princess, Boipelo Mabe, did when an opportunity to become a partner in a vegan skincare company presented itself.

Mabe has partnered with My Skincare to co-create a range of African inspired body products, aptly named My African Skincare. Launched on her 25th birthday on October 13, the range includes body butter and a scrub made from oils sourced exclusively on the African continent and has kept the African populous and their unique skin requirements in mind.

“I am so proud to have partnered with a business that has a deep regard for people, our continent and the environment that sustains us. More than anything, this is a step towards disproving the notion that Africans consume what they don’t produce,” says Mabe.
At only 25, the Alexandra-born beauty joins an interesting breed of entrepreneurs such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc, and here at home, South Africa’s youngest Soweto-born billionaire and founder of automated forex trading software Armageddon, Refiloe Nkele, mostly known as Ref Wayne – all who started their companies in their early/mid 20s, laying the foundation of their future success at an early stage.

Like many successful entrepreneurs before her, Mabe did not choose to wait to gain (beauty) business experience before deciding to take advantage of a trend that presented an opportunity for entry. Over the past years, the global cosmetics industry has experienced a significant growth. In 2016 South Africa exported cosmetics to the value of R7.84bn, representing an increase of nearly 35% compared to 2013. The largest cosmetics category focusing on make-up, skin care, and nails, increased exports by 45% from a value of R2.3bn in 2013 to R3.37bn in 2016. Mabe’s foray into the billion dollars cosmetic industry couldn’t have come a better time when an army of South African press women (and men) are looking for quality, natural and cruelty-free skin-care products – at an affordable cost.
“Our aim is to keep everything as natural and pure as possible to ensure the best nutritional content is gained for our skins without altering products with synthetic chemicals or ingredients,” says Mabe’s co-partner and founder of My Skincare Haley Rieckhoff.

Like a true entrepreneur, Mabe currently juggles multiple jobs, including working full-time job as a communications specialist for telecommunications company Cell C. To escape the grind she works part-time as a newsreader on South Africa’s biggest community channel, Soweto TV. In between her demanding professional pursuits, incredibly she still finds a way to make time for her Master’s Degree studies in International Relations at Wits University. If you’ve ever wondered whether women are really good at multitasking, here’s the proof!

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  1. Great stuff.. I have been following her journey and love the example she’s setting for the young women of South Africa 🙌 🙌


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