Maps, Nomzamo and more lead Levi’s Election Day campaign

In a bid to increase voter turnout this Election Day, Levi’s launches campaign to get as many South Africans to the voting polls with the help of some of Mzansi’s favorite faces


It’s no doubt that public figures have influence on a myriad of phenomena. Whether through fashion trends or interests of opinion, they have the power to shape perspectives of the public, especially that of young people. So why not use that for a greater cause? With the South African elections just days away, and the previous 2014 elections raking in with only 33% of eligible youth who went forward to vote, Levi’s has launched a campaign to increase voter turnout on election day by using celebrity voices to advocate for change.

With its great history of supporting social causes relevant to current affairs, Levi’s is once again putting its money where its mouth is to initiate the much desired change. And what better way than bringing our favorite stars on board. Here’s what they have to say about why voting is so important to them:

Maps Maponyane

“Let us not take for granted the power that each and every one of our votes hold, to determine the future of our country. Voting is a privilege that honours those that fought, to grant us that right. On the 8th of May let’s go to the election polls in our numbers and ensure our voices are heard! It’s our responsibility.”

Nomzamo Mbatha

“Your vote is your voice and power of choice of who gets to be accountable for systematic change. Put a X on it! Make your voice heard! Be a part of a generation that stands for something!”


“I believe it’s important for anyone of voting age to participate in the political direction of their country, whether or not their party wins is not entirely the point because when we take charge of the conversation then we feel like we are part of the process. If we don’t get involved in political decisions about where the country goes then we actually have no control over the direction of where we want to go as a society. That’s why I think it’s important for South African’s to vote because collectively our vote forms the ultimate discussion on where we go next, regardless of who wins and also based of who wins too.”  


We vote on the 8th of May, don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard. Every vote counts.”    

Francois Van Coke

“I live in South Africa and I’m going nowhere. I would like to be a part of shaping South Africa’s future.”

Katlego Maboe

“I want to help build a nation of young people who care about the future of the country and understand the power that a vote wields. I want to see a future where active citizenship is the order of the day, where we live and strive for freedom, not just in our words but in our actions. I want to see South Africa succeed and take its rightful place among nations, and it all starts with realizing and exercising the right and power to vote.”

Qaanita Orrie

“It’s almost that time! Have your voice heardby voting on the 8th May and be a part of shaping a better future for South Africa.”

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