Heavy smartphone users: Which to choose; Galaxy Note10 | Note10+ vs iPhone 11 | 11 Pro

For heavy smartphone users, the convenience of having a smartphone with a bigger storage can never be stressed good enough

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | Note10+ with vivid and striking Amoled display
Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ users will have room to store their music and photography

FROM PROCESSOR performance, camera capabilities, internal storage, battery life and much more, the stake are getting higher and higher as technology continues to advance.
So perhaps the next question should be, how much storage does an average professional really needs to survive in 2019? Things has changed really fast from the early days when you could survive on an Android smartphone or device with just 8GB and better still 16GB. Over time devices have been getting perkier wise until the 32GB became the de facto standard. 

According to InfoTrends, there’s over 1 trillion pictures taken every year. That’s roughly 130 images for every one of the 7.7 billion people on the planet. Clearly, we’re capturing our surroundings and moments more than ever before. When you consider the number of photos sent from others, apps, files, messages, work emails and shared files we also store, smartphone manufacturers have to offer increased memory on an unprecedented level. However, manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are advancing the frontiers, with 512GB becoming the new limit on their flagship offerings. 

Samsung Galaxy Note10 flagship clearly delivers

With up to 256GB internal storage and expandable to an extra 1TB with an external microSD card on the Galaxy Note10+, users will have room to store their music, photography, movies and plenty other things. Even the smaller Note10 offers a very welcome 256GB of storage. The Galaxy Note10 can be used with two SIM cards at once, meaning you can be twice as connected with the one device. The Galaxy Note10+ offers a Hybrid SIM port, so you can either add an extra SIM card or a microSD card, depending on your needs.

iPhone 11 Pro for aggressively heavy users

Apple has taken things a notch up and is catering for everbody from 64GB all the way to 128GB and 256GB for the budget flagship, while while iPhone 11 Pro models has been bumped up to 512GB. While the 64GB may be enough for some very light smartphone users, for heavy users, specifially those who record a lot of videos, take pictures and plan on storing a lot on their iPhone 11, then the premier handsets with 256GB and double that if willing would without doubt the best choice.

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