Cape Town musician wins Best Music Video at Hollywood South Film Festival

South African musician Jack Mantis' video single 'Beth's has been awarded Best Music Video at this year’s Hollywood South Film Festival, a three-day juried showcase for independent commercial films.


Shot in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Colesburg and Cape Town by German director Roman Muelleger, and created by Mantis and Muelleger, the film is an emotional homage to a loved one lost tragically.

The video premieres on Friday (November 13) on, where fans can also download the single and album, ‘An Unwritten Life’.

While no stranger to film, Mantis said the making of the video – dedicated to the late South African model and film producer Beth Margaret Tomlinson (who was found brutally murdered in her Cape Town home in 2004) – was one of the hardest things he’s had to do.

“These were not memories I’d planned to revisit. Beth was one of the brightest lights I’ve ever encountered, the kindest kind, and for the longest time…my compass. The 16 years since her passing…wow, has it been 16 years…haven’t always been easy.”

He added: “So I guess this story in a South African tale, and sadly in no way unique. But I do believe that love does prevail, and we really can all achieve great things through forgiveness.”

Watch ‘Beth’s here

The filming of ‘Beth’ was not only emotionally fraught for Mantis, it also ended in his horse falling and Mantis breaking three ribs and his shoulder. “I guess I will carry the ripples of this story for life,” he said.

About Jack Mantis

“I do believe that love does prevail, and we really can all achieve great things through forgiveness.”

Jack Mantis

Mantis, also an internationally renowned graffiti artist, documentary film maker, and global traveler, formed the Jack Mantis Band in Cape Town in 2007.

The group spends its time between Europe, the US and South Africa and last year completed a sold out, 140-date tour across Germany in support of the film release for ‘Blown Away‘, a collaborative project with German outfit, The Sailing Conductors, which was officially selected for the Ocean Film Festival in 2019.

Between touring, Mantis has been sailing across the globe creating expedition music and filming collaborative music videos with the Sailing Conductors, with 100% proceeds from their performances donated to water protectors causes.

Their first release for the song, ‘Radiate‘ was filmed in 7 countries featuring 20 musicians, and has culminated in a performance alongside Chris de Burgh at the 30th Anniversary of Fernsehen Garten in Germany to a 6000-strong crowd.

While their current release is independent, the Jack Mantis Band is currently signed to a German label.

Currently in production: ‘Til everything is Illuminated

A one-one-a-kind performer whose music brings something truly generous to his performances – a sense of common humanity and togetherness – Mantis is currently in production of his second full-length 2021 documentary, ‘Til everything is Illuminated’.

The documentary takes viewers on a journey across the Atlantic, deep into the Amazon on his solo expedition. A deeply compelling and inspiring story of how the thread of fate ties humanity together, it inevitably covers over 5000 nautical miles “and a further 10 000km of untouched wilderness,” he said.

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