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What’s next on The Bachelor SA S2 after that eyebrow-raising cliffhanger

Ending with a huge cliffhanger, last episode of The Bachelor SA S2 produced the franchise's most controversial elimination ever as the visibly shattered Jess R refused to leave without a solid explanation from Marc on why he decided to sent her packing! Wondering if Marc would want to give her another chance, here's what to expect!

Fans of “The Bachelor SA” weren’t only left stunned but asking a lot of questions at the end of last week’s Rose Ceremony episode which saw Marc’s all-time favourite Jess R not getting a rose, and subsequently asked to say her final goodbye to the viewers.

In the episode, Marc took the remaining three ladies on a series of romantic adventure dates to help solidify his relationships before having to make the important decision of who he chooses in the upcoming May 28 season finale.

Not surprisingly – well at least for majority of the viewers – the ever so confident Jess R didn’t receive a rose. But instead of seeing her walk out and sharing her last thoughts with viewers, the end credits rolled with Marc and the visibly shattered Jess in deep conversation.

What was this cliff-hanger all about? Does it perhaps mean that Marc will change his mind and give her another chance? All will be revealed in the penultimate episode of The Bachelor SA Season 2 on Thursday, May 21.

The final three: Marc will find out his parents’ opinions on each of the remaining ladies

Expect the unexpected in the revealing penultimate Bachelor SA S2

It’s also time for Marc’ to find out his parents’ opinions on each of the ladies who may become Mrs Buckner!

Will Marcel and Jenny agree on which lady should Marc choose? Will they provide some clarity or confuse him a little? 

After this week’s final romantic dates, Marc and the ladies also have the option to use the Fantasy Suites to spend some alone time together.

While it’s clear that this week’s outcome depends heavily on what transpires in this episode, be sure to tune in to M-Net (DStv 101) at 7pm sharp to find out for yourself.

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