Zebra Tech’s nurses awards dare to breakdown barriers to healthcare innovation

As Zebra Technologies' nursing scholarship drive goes to show, the world finally has one voice, forcing us to find meaning in the things we often took for granted, this as we brace ourselves for a disruptive wave in healthcare innovation.

Two female nurses looking / reading a report on a tablet
Zebra Technologies launches a global campaign aimed at empowering nurses to do their best.

In hard times like these, EVERYTHING comes into perspective. What we deemed important before, seems irrelevant now

Zebra Technologies

The global COVID-19 crisis has forced us to look within ourselves to find humanity’s true purpose. It’s also clear that what we took for granted all along has now become both meaningful and vital to our very own existence.

Through its recently launched global campaign, Zebra Technologies aims to unpack future-proof solutions within healthcare, while helping current and future nurses qualify to earn an educational scholarship.

Coinciding with the International Year (2020) of the Nurse and the Midwife as declared by WHO, the campaign will subsequently get the world to re-discover who the real heroes of today are “as we shut ourselves inside for the greater good”.

As it further highlights, the real heroes of today aren’t wearing capes. “They are wearing scrubs and face masks, uniforms and badges. They are put there driving trucks, making deliveries, cleaning our cities, fulfilling orders and restocking our shelves.

Watch: As Zebra Technologies unpacks how COVID-19 has forced us to look within ourselves to find humanity’s true purpose

“They are keeping supply chains moving, and making sure our water is still running. So even of it feels like darkness, they bring us the light.

“They’re putting themselves at risk to do what needs to be done. To give us hope. To give us a fighting chance against this. The truth is; the world has overlooked them for far too long. But we know they are not just essentials, they are fundamental.

“And right now their dedication is the only thing keeping our world spinning.” 

Call for disruptive healthcare innovations

To every single hero and heroine on the frontline, the world sees, hears and thank you. And to the current and future nurses, Zebra Technologies wants to honour and empower you to do your best.

The company recognises that as the world’s healthcare systems gets stretched beyond their limits, it’s about time that the industry think differently and make an impact through safer, more effective patient care. 

To this end, nurses and nursing students globally are invited to submit their ideas on how technology can help solve some of today’s biggest healthcare challenges.

Submissions are encouraged in one of two formats – video (maximum two minutes) and written essay (maximum 500 words) – in which entrants describe a current healthcare need along with the envisaged tech solution. Click here to see an example.

Five winning entries will be selected globally, and each winner will receive a $1,000USD (+/-R18,000) scholarship. The deadline for submission is June 30, 2020.

Visit the company’s website here for more information.