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The perfect holiday stays for South Africans visiting futuristic Japan

New hotel lodging site Fish&Tips helps us choose the perfect stays for that perfect holiday

January may just be coming to an end but that doesn’t change how much of the year has gone by already, or so it seems. With bills after bills and non-stop work while trying to catch up to your exercise routines, it just seems like too much with too little motivation. We all know this, January is that twelve week month that just won’t end. But that’s what makes it the perfect time to plan your holiday just so there’s that one little thing to look forward to.

Sometimes the best times aren’t planned while having the best times, and that’s what makes January special enough to plan an unforgettable vacation to Japan. From a robot restaurant, beautiful traditional dishes, perhaps the quirkiest museums and how better than scratching Mount Fuji off that bucket list, Japan gives all the futuristic and traditional features one would need from a getaway and sites like Fish&Tips gives plenty choices with 300+ hotel lodging experiences that will maximize your stay.

Here’s our top 5 favorite hotels in Tokyo and Okinawa

The Westin Tokyo

Great for business visits, sweeter for a quiet time. This hottest boasts with luminous interior and attention to detail

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, A Luxury Collection Hotel

Views views views!!! This luxurious space dawns with a relaxed interior that makes you feel like you’re staying at a gallery, just as the name suggested.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

From the 33rd floor sky lounge sits the Tokyo Tower, a beautiful view to take in while enjoying food and drinks.

MOXY Tokyo Kinshicho by Marriott

The stylish and functional hotel features 24-hour lounge, gym, laundromat and a library in the hotel.


Located in front of the beach and surrounded by mountains, an ideal space of peace and quiet and lots of bath times.

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Phoeby Montari
Phoeby Montari
Phoeby Montari is a Psychology student, model, feminist activist, and published writer. Through complexities that stretch through different fields, she aims to make an impact through her varied professional sphere with a writing-style characterized by metaphorical nuances ranging from poetry to socio-political issues and cruelty-free vegetarian lifestyle.
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