#CourvoisierMoments: the good times are far from over

The recent #CourvoisierMoments event series proved just how Joburg A-listers are refusing to allow coronavirus to dampen their spirit as hospitality establishments enjoy reopening. If any anything, it just goes to show tha the good times are far from over - as long as there are measures in place to minimise infection and spread of COVID-19 among attendees. But if you missed it, here’s another chance to satisfy your senses with the world's most awarded cognac.


While life may look a whole lot different since the dawn of the coronavirus pandemic for the it girls and be boys of Jozi – be it due the banning of large social gatherings and recurring alcohol bans or the 1 metre physical distancing and mask mandates – the recent #CourvoisierMoments event series proved that it’s indeed still possible to have a good party even post-Covid; as long as there are measures in place to minimise the risk of infection and spread among attendees.

Add to that all the nitty gritties that make a memorable party; from the oh-so inviting outdoor setting at the picturesque Beechwood Garden in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, to the appropriate deco as per the chosen theme, not to mention the accompanying, delicious pre-packaged canapes & the overflowing cocktails, and the oh-so cool guests.

Courvoisier Gala. Image supplied!

As you expect from the quintessential luxury spirit which prides itself as the most awarded Cognac worldwide, the shindig ticked all the above mentioned boxes and more. 

But if you missed it, here’s another chance to satisfy your senses (in pictures, as seen below), reminding you that the good are far from over!

Acclaimed SA mixologist George Hunter (left), fashion influencer Melody Molale (middle) and Fhatuwani Mukheli (right).

About Courvoisier Moments

Over the next five months, Courvoisier will host a series of #CourvoisierMoments event series at over 40 venues across Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

This is an exciting opportunity for cognac drinkers and connoisseurs alike to explore the joy of daytime occasioning with a new range of refreshing Courvoisier cocktails. These are paired with exquisite, uncomplicated food at late-lunch or early evening affairs, backed with a playlist of soulful jazz fusions, featuring some of South Africa’s loved musicians, including the legendary  DJ Kenzhero, and award-winning jazz artists Bokani Dyer and Sisonke Xonti.

Photographer Fhatuwani Mukheli’s work on display at his #CourvoisierMoments solo exhibition.

“Courvoisier is about focussing on what brings you joy – a combination of great company, rich conversation and beautiful environments set against the backdrop of the most joyful of music genres, Jazz,” says Jeanette Edwards, senior brand director at Maison Courvoisier.

Guests taking part in a mixology masterclass.
VIP guests posing for a picture!

The events wouldn’t be complete without acclaimed mixologist George Hunter. As the host of the events, his job entails challenging cognac perceptions by creating new serves that pique flavour senses; from the easy-drinking Courvoisier Gala (made with Courvoisier VSOP cognac and topped with tonic and served long over ice) to the timeless Courvoisier VSOP French Twist (which is part Courvoisier and part Orange Curaçao or Triple Sec, syrup and lemon juice).

Courvoisier VSOP French Twist. Image supplied!

As if these isn’t impressive enough, to amplify the get-togethers, Courvoisier has also brought in three tastemakers: style influencee Melody Molale, photographer and art director Fhatuwani Mukheli, as well as the award-winning interior architect Tristan du Plessis.


Mukheli standing in front of his work at his #CourvoisierMoments solo exhibition.

So the time you plan to celebrate life’s joyous moments through food, music and good company, make sure you have a bottle of Courvoisier at hand to turn the heat on.

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