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Qualities Old Mutual Amazing Voices S2 groups must possess

South African Afro pop extraordinaire Vusi Nova has joined Nigerian singer Evelle, Kenyan's Filah Tuju, Ammara Brown (Zimbabwe) and Ghana's Trigmatic to judge some of Africa's amazing voices competing for the $100 000 prize in season two of 'Old Mutual Amazing Voices'. They tell us what qualities they are looking for among the 10 competing Acapella groups.

As Africa’s top 10 Acapella groups got a chance to meet the judge in this past Sunday’s episode of season two of the ‘Old Mutual Amazing Voices‘, first impression proved to be everything for the judges who were totally impressed by the quality of voices displayed in this year’s competition.

Here is what each judge is looking going forward when judging the performances in this season.

Vusi Nova (South Africa): “I’m looking of superstars…Groups that you can tell that they have been together for a while. They have experience, character and their personality shines through in their music.”

Evelle  (Nigeria): “As a new judge, I want to see originality, creativity and growth”…

Filah (Kenya): “What I feel like I will be looking for from the performances is the sincerity of every performance from all the groups, the connection between the members of the group. Beyond the money and winning the competition, I want to see if this groups have what it takes to do well in the music industry in the long term.”

Ammara (Zimbabwe): “I’m expecting to see fire from Nigeria, I’m expecting people to sort of push themselves. I’m interested to see what the contestants are going to do this season.”

Trig (Ghana): ”I want to see what the groups have… I want to see what Africa has for the second time. I know season 2 of Old Mutual Amazing Voices will be like an upgrade from the first season. I want to see what voices they are bringing…Guys this is season 2!”

South African gospel superstar Khaya Mthethwa steps in to guide the groups as they take on the daunting task of performing his songs.

Where to watch Old Mutual Amazing Voices S2

Tune in every Sunday on the following channels:

South Africa: Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) and Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163) simulcast at 17:00

Ghana: Africa Magic at 3pm 

Kenya: Maisha Magic East at 6pm

Nigeria: Afeica Magic at 4pm

Zimbabwe: Zambezi Magic at 5pm

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