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5 reasons to watch ‘Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts’ this week

It's drama galore once again on this week on 'Survivor South: Return of the Outcasts', including a new twist that will move the latest challenge winner and other Outcasts to tears, not to mention a sneaky bag search incident that changes how the last week of the game plays out. Below are the 5 reasons to watch Survivor SA this week on M-Net (Monday to Friday, 6pm).

From merge to having four Ponderosa residents seated on the Jury bench in the space of last week, Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts continues this week as the seven remaining Castaways fight for the R2 million prize. Here are five reasons to watch ‘Survivor SA’ this week:

  • The boost provided by a video call with a loved one could give the Castaways a welcome boost – but, in true Return of the Outcasts fashion, there’s a twist that will move the challenge winner and some Castaways to tears. 
  • A clue found on the beach leads to a no-holds-barred Idol searching frenzy. 
  • Day 32 dawns, which means it’s time for Dino to use his ‘Save the Date Outpost Visit’ advantage. What will the advantage mean for him and the No BS alliance? 
  • A sneaky bag search yields information that changes the way some Castaways will play out the last week of the game. 
  • As the beloved Survivor SA host Nico Panagio too alluded in the tweet above, the jury and viewers alike may think they’ve seen and heard it all – but a bombshell at Thursday’s Tribal Council shocks them and forces some of them to recalibrate their thinking.
Plot twists galore: ‘Return of the Outcasts’ is broadcast Monday-Thursday on DStv’s M-Net Channel 101.

Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts‘ is broadcast Monday-Thursday on DStv’s M-Net Channel 101 each week until the Finale on August 25, where South Africa’s richest-ever Survivor prize will be awarded, following on the footsteps of Capetonian Nicole Wilmans, who become Survivor SA S8 Sole Survivor and recipient of the R1 million cash prize.

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