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The final 5: Survivor South Africa S9 finale countdown heats up 

Five Castaways, four days, three vacant seats on the Jury, two Million rand cash prize, one Sole Survivor – the countdown to the 90-minute finale of 'Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts' is definitely heating up. Below is a look into the top five's Individual journey highlights, as well as the five major talking point for this week to help whet your appetite as the countdown to the Thursday (August 24) finale begins in earnest.

After 35 days of the toughest-ever season of Survivor South Africa (Survivor SA: Return of The Outcasts), Dino, Killarney, Marian, Phil and Shane are within touching distance of the biggest-ever payoff in history, the R2 million grand prize.

Another piece of history is also in the making; for the first time ever, the show’s finale was filmed on ‘day 40’ on the Sunshine Coast, with the Castaways reuniting to share their journeys and vote for – and reveal – the redemption of one of their fellow former players. The not-to-be-missed dramatic finale will play out from 6pm to 7.30 on M-Net 101 on Thursday, August 24. 

The five Castaways competing for the two coveted seats at Final Tribal Council are: 

Dino: This superfan had a rough start to the season but finding trust in his closest allies navigated through the game with strategic moves. With the end in sight, will he be able to keep calm and collected and have the superfan dream realised? 

Killarney: This outcast from Season 5 has quietly been on the right side of most of the votes, due to playing a fluid game and keeping herself close the numbers majority. Will this silent assassin rise up and take the ultimate prize? 

Marian, the strategic part of the ‘Full Package’ alliance with Meryl and Steffi is determined to make sure that a superfan wins this season – and that that superfan is her! Having forged strong social bonds with almost everyone, will she make it to the end and claim the title? 

Phil: The ‘challenge beast’ of the season has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Will his easy-going demeanour and sense of humour, paired with his solid physical gameplay get him to the end and over the finish line? 

Shane: This former villain-turned-father-figure has aligned himself well for the endgame from the side-lines as a willing decoy, in many a vote.  Will he be able to manoeuvre the treacherous path to victory? 

Five are left – who will outwit, outplay and outlast and claim the title of ‘Sole Survivor’ and the R2 million prize?

Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island (2021) winner Nicole Williams.

Five reasons to watch Survivor South Africa this week

Below are some of the highlights awaiting viewers this week as ahead of the countdown to the finale starts:

  • One Castaway is going home with Survivor South Africa’s richest-ever purse – R2 million.  
  • One of the most epic rewards in Survivor South Africa history awaits the Castaways – but will prove more divisive than it suggests. 
  • Phil has Rob Bentele, Ashley Hayden and Chappies Chapman’s five Individual Immunity wins in his sights after scooping three, so far. Can he build on his post-Merge success and equal or beat them? 
  • A Castaway takes a tumble at a challenge – is it strategic? 
  • One Castaway says the Final Four will comprise a ‘goat, bunny, bear and fox’ – who of the remaining Castaways will assume which role, and at what cost? 

To find out who’ll outwit, outlast and outplay all the rest, and follow in the footsteps of 2021 Sole Survivor Nicole Williams, tune in to ‘Survivor SA‘ S9 , Monday-Thursday on DStv’s M-Net for the very last time this week. In case you miss an episode, worry not – it will also be available on DStv CatchUp.

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