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It doesn’t get any more grand than the Hyundai Grand Creta

Another SUV to whet the tastebuds. The latest Hyundai Grand Creta arrived without much fanfare. But it makes its presence felt, writes Prashirwin Naidu.

At first glance it’s a looker.  The Hyundai Grand Creta has sharp, elegant features, with the contours around the front grille, almost Beemer-like. What a compliment to the brand from Bavaria. From its bland arrival a few years ago, the Hyundai Grand Creta has evolved into a vehicle that commands attention and wields respect. This is a taxi for either mom or dad. Lots to keep one interested,

Inside the cabin you’re welcomed with the fine black and white artificial leather trimmings which just oozes class, the car can accommodate seven people. There’s a great sense of comfort and roominess that will appeal to families with a need for space. That is a subject that my dad keeps talking about. After all these years, he yearns for the claustrophobic cocoon of the red Mazda MX5 he once owned. Sweet dreams are made of bliss. Who am I to disagree?

Side chic!

The Hyundai Grand Creta is certainly stylish. On the nice-to-have side it has cruise control, and electronic parking brakes, so one can sit back and enjoy the ride with minimal effort. It is not self-drive but you get the picture, a car that enables one to take comfort in the machinery without it being demanding.

On my way to the Glendower Golf Course in Edendale to meet colleagues, golf was not uppermost in my mind. I don’t know much about the game, though I understand the icon they call Tiger Woods (ohhh, and our very own Tiger Woods, SimTiger).

The Hyundai Grand Creta looked at home on the course. It blended in and gained the attraction of many a friendly golfer. I relaxed, smiling with some joy as I drove around waving. It didn’t matter that I was lost and could not find the entrance. They were admiring the car and I was merely reciprocating. Eventually, I made a grand entrance at the Country Club. Better later than never. The car was a good distraction and talking point before we got down to the business of fun.

Striking: Spacious boot and more seats for a bigger crowd.

Pricing starts from R 469 900 for the 2.0L manual variant, for the auto lovers you’ll be paying about R 509 900. That’s quite a price jump if you ask me. The third model is the 1.5L Diesel edition which sells for R529 900.

Still for under R530 00 getting into this smart Korean SUV represents good value for money.  A German equivalent with three or four rings would cost several grand more and not do much for your image anyway.

My overall experience with the auto version of the Hyundai Grand Creta was that it looked good. But on the power side, it needed some wings. It felt a little underwhelming.  When the six-speed transmission is put into first gear the car seems to have had some gumption as the pistons were fired up with an imaginary mighty roar of the 2.0l engine. I thought of Katie Perry this moment. But she does not have the same vooma. The petrol edition produces 117 kilowatts whereas the diesel version kicks out a miserly 87 kilowatts.

Full Frontal!

Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed driving it. It was refined, the different driving modes were a lovely touch. One had ample room to play with transitioning from: eco to standard and sporty- depending on one’s preference.

Fuel consumption was around 8.5 liters per 100km. The Hyundai Grand Creta was smooth. Never bland, grand!

The Hyundai Grand Creta is fun, economical and one of the easiest – and cheapest ways to get into an SUV. What are you waiting for?

  • Aspiring scribe, Prashirwin Naidu is a writer focusing on cars and the arts
Prashirwin Naidu
Prashirwin Naidu
Aspiring scribe, Prashirwin Naidu is a writer focusing on cars and the arts.
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