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PRASA rolls out reduced Metrorail offpeak fares

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) rolls out reduced Metrorail fares for off-peak hours.

Johannesburg – The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) has from today, reduced fares during off-peak periods.

Announcing the price reduction, PRASA said the rail service was “excited to introduce the #TravelOffPeak campaign, an initiative aimed at promoting ridership during off-peak by providing attractive fare discounts to commuters”.

Recognising the importance of promoting reliable transit not only during the weekday rush hours but off-peak too, PRASA said it was “pleased to offer various off-peak discounts across all its operational routes starting from Monday, (13 November 2023),”.

PRASA said the initiative aims to encourage the public to use Metrorail services not only during peak hours but also during off-peak periods.

Hishaam Emeran, PRASA GCEO, emphasised the need for the use of a reliable passenger rail service beyond peak hours.

“This is a significant step towards enhancing the commuter experience and saving commuters money by paying lower fares,” said Emeran.

“By choosing to travel during off-peak, commuters will not only enjoy a quieter and relaxed journey but contribute to a more evenly distributed and efficient use of our transportation infrastructure.”

Fares are discounted as follows:

  1. Pensioners: 50% discount during off-peak
  2. General public/commuters: 40% discount during off-peak
  3. Scholars in uniform: 50% any time of the day
  4. Bulk purchase: 10% discount on bulk buying
  5. Events or promotions (e.g., schools or groups): 50% discount for groups travelling together
    PRASA said the off-peak discounts were applicable between 09:30 and 14:30 on weekdays and during weekends and public holidays.

PRASA said it wishes to remind commuters to check their eligibility for discounted fares ahead of their journey.

“All tickets will be valid on the day of purchase and at off-peak hours,” said PRASA.

“It is crucial to note that these tickets should not be used during peak hours, except for scholars in school uniforms, whose tickets remain valid for the entire day.

“PRASA invites commuters to #TravelOffPeak and save while enjoying a more comfortable and cost-effective travel experience to their various destinations.”

*Original article: Cheap Train Tickets From Today: PRASA Launches #TravelOffPeak Campaign – The Bulrushes

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