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No joke; Twitter is removing legacy blue checks this April Fools

Starting this April Fool, April 1, Twitter will begin winding down its free verification program and removing legacy verified checkmarks. Below, we unpack some of the files Elon Musk has been dropping regarding the expected new changes, including what to-do to keep your blue checkmark if you're a legacy verified Twitter user.

Elon Musk has been dropping files on some of the changes coming up on Twitter, including removing legacy verified checkmark.

The current model allows for celebrities, government officials, journalists and other notable figures to request Twitter verification.

To keep your blue checkmark on Twitter,  as per below tweet, individuals must sign up for Twitter Blue, a new system which the powers that be believe removes one more barrier to impersonation and misinformation.

The news has been received with mixed reactions, with some users saying while they appreciate the perks that come with the blue checkmark, question the reason behind removing verification from the people who are notable.

“I bought twitter blue for the features, it’s nice,” said one user, “But removing verification from the people who are notable for some reason makes no sense, I use it a lot when there’s a lot of noise to get for example commentators or other players or other team owners opinion.”

Below are some of the changes coming up on Twitter:

1. Twitter Blue is now available globally! Some of the pecks it comes with include prioritised ranking in conversations, half ads, long tweets, bookmark folders, custom navigation, ability to edit and undo tweets, and more.

2. From April 1, Twitter is removing legacy blue checkmarks for individuals not subscribed to $8 Twitter Blue program, now available globally. That said, individual person’s Twitter account affiliated with a verified organisation will be automatically verified, Musk said per this tweet.

3. In the coming weeks, Twitter will prioritise replies by the people you follow, as well as verified/unverified accounts.

4. Thanks to the extremely famous chatbot, ChatGP, in the coming months Twitter will use AI to detect and highlight manipulation of public opinion on this platform.

5. Twitter will open source all code used to recommend tweets on Friday, March 31. This will provide new insights into which tweets gain traction, how to maximize tweet reach through engagement. While Musk is adamant that transparency is key to winning user trust, and making Twitter a viable, valuable platform for all users, the move has been hugely criticised as this will open the door for spammers and scammers to cheat the process.

6. Overall improved experience. For those annoyed by their timeline littered with content from accounts they don’t follow, Twitter recently introduced ‘Pinned Lists‘ feature which allows them to cut through the noise by seeing only posts from accounts of their choice, and switch between recommended and trending topics, etc on the main timeline.

Described by experts as a top hack for growth not only for those looking to engage with accounts in their niche, but will now be a life saviour if they want to make sure that they’re seeing genuine original Verified accounts. To do this, they can create a Twitter List, name it ‘Legacy Accounts’ and add all their favourite Verified accounts to it. The feature, which allows The other good thing about ‘Lists’ is that there are no adverts or algorithms in lists, only the tweets as they happen.

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