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Reasons why everyone should attend Luju Festival

In this article, we look at how music festivals have a huge social impact on communities, the various ways in which they stimulate the economic growth of tourism and the vibrancy they add on society’s well being - as it became evident during the recently concluded fifth edition (2023) of the Standard Bank Luju Food and Lifestyle Festival.

By Ondela Payisa

Music has a universal language that transcends boundaries and connects people from all walks of life. Local music festivals are vibrant celebrations of this shared passion, offering a unique platform for artists, communities, and culture to flourish. In this article, we don’t only delve into the importance of supporting a vibrant lifestyle music gathering such as the fifth edition (2023) of the family-friendly Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival, but also its overall positive impact on individuals and communities, as well as how it stimulates the growth of tourism and local businesses.

1. Nurturing local talent

Luju festival provided emerging and local artists with an invaluable opportunity to showcase their talent on a larger stage. Such festivals serve as a launching pad for musicians, chefs, fashion designers, giving them exposure and experience that can propel their careers forward. By making Luju 2024 part of your to do list, you can contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry by fostering the next generation of artists.

Launching pad: Luju Festival serves as a launching pad for musicians, chefs and fashion designers, giving them exposure and experience that can propel their careers forward. Image: NOWinSA
South African music extraordinaire performing at the Luju Festival. Image: Luju Instagram

2. Building a strong community

Luju music festival is more than just a concert; it brings communities together. A feast of music, fashion, culinary exploits, and connoisseur led premium wine & whiskey showcases, the 2023 edition took place at House On Fire in Malkerns Valley, a bountiful sugar cane and pineapple valley for its vibrant arts and crafts scene, as well as its beautiful scenery and traditional Swazi culture. 

Taking the scenic drive to the kingdom of Eswatini you don’t only get to see plenty of breathtaking landmarks and plantations that make for good conversation such as the Lobamba Royal Village living museum of Swazi traditions, history, and culture and the man-made Maguga Dam reservoir. Festivals create a sense of belonging and pride, as attendees from all walks of life gather to enjoy a variety of spectacular performances. The shared experience of music fosters connections, creating lasting memories and strengthening the bonds within the local community.

The shared experience of music fosters connections, creating lasting memories among the locals.

3. Boosting the economy

At NOWinSA we are big on promoting the Southern Region of the continent, and all of its fine exports, and we know the team over at Standard Bank and Luju are big on that as well. Supporting local music festivals has a direct positive impact on the local economy, and likewise Luju attracted attendees from both near and far such as ourselves, leading to increased revenue for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, street vendors and food trucks. Additionally, festivals often provide job opportunities specially for the locals, further contributing to the much-desired economic growth.

4. Celebrating diversify and culture

Music festivals celebrate diversity by featuring a potpourri of artists from a wide range of musical genres and backgrounds. The 2023 edition of Luju Music Festival was no different as it featured the likes of Zoë Modiga (SA), Big Zulu (SA) Mango Groove (SA), Dusty & Stone (Swaziland) Dato Seiko (Botswana), Mandisi Dyantyis (SA), Lwazi Dlamini (Swaziland) and DJ Tibza (Swaziland), Grandmah (Mozambique) and Painted Flowers (SA) and Sun-El Musician (SA).

This diversity mirrors the richness of the local community, showcasing a variety of musical styles and cultural expressions. By participating in these festivals, you contribute to the promotion of cultural exchange and understanding.

5. Preserving artistic expression

Festivals such as Luju and the MTN Bushfire offer an alternative to mainstream commercial music, giving a platform to artists who may not fit the conventional mold. These festivals preserve the spirit of artistic expression, allowing musicians to experiment and connect with audiences who appreciate unique and authentic performances.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity!

6. Fostering creativity and innovation

Festivals often showcase more experimental and cutting-edge art that might not receive as much attention on a larger scale. By supporting festivals such as the Luju Festival, you encourage musicians to push the boundaries of their creativity, leading to new and innovative sounds that contribute to the evolution of music as an art form.

7. Supporting grassroots movements

Many local music festivals align with social and environmental causes, using their platform to raise awareness and promote positive change. By attending these festivals, you can indirectly support various grassroots movements, contributing to a more informed and engaged society.


Luju Music Festival is more than just entertainment; it is a vital part of the cultural fabric of a community. By attending, promoting, and supporting these events, you play a crucial role in nurturing local talent, fostering community spirit, and contributing to the growth of the local tourism economy. The importance of local music festivals cannot be understated as they enrich our lives and the artistic landscape in countless ways.

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