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TechFinancials celebrates 10 Years of publishing excellence

An inspiring example of a visionary journalist-turned publisher, veteran journalist Gugu Lourie celebrates 10 years of TechFinancials' existence.

Johannesburg – TechFinancials – partners of independent online news publication The Bulrushes ( – has reached 10 years in existence.

The highly-rated tech-focused online publication is owned by veteran journalist Gugu Lourie, a regular columnist for Business Day.

“Time is a peculiar phenomenon. When in haste, it creeps by agonisingly slow, yet when in need of more, it slips through our grasp at double the pace,” Lourie was quoted as saying, in an original article published by The Bulrushes.

“The hands of the clock maintain their steady rhythm, but our perception of time seldom adheres to the linear path that science dictates.

“It feels as if the inception of TechFinancials happened just yesterday, yet that ‘yesterday’ was back on 21 September 2013.”

Lourie said time and change were inexorable forces, unstoppable in their relentless march forward.

“Over the past few months, we have been diligently working behind the scenes, preparing to introduce exciting new features to our platform. Soon, you can anticipate the launch of our Podcast and Surveys.”

Most importantly, Lourie expressed his gratitude to the readers and the publication’s esteemed partners: “We would not have reached this milestone without you – our steadfast community of readers, sponsors, advertisers, agencies, writers, partners, and advisors.

“A decade may seem like both a fleeting moment and an eternity, but in the grand scheme of things, it is all part of the same captivating journey”.

Commenting on the publication’s milestone, veteran editor and founder of The Bulrushes, Moses Mudzwiti said: “Gugu is a hard worker, an excellent journalist. He stands out as an inspiration for other journalists”.

This commendable milestone by TechFinancials comes at a critical time when media industry is under serious threat – which was exacerbated by the impact Covid-19 on local print media among other things – with several South African publications shutting its doors and many more retrenching journalists. Its success provides “a ray of hope that they too can be masters of their destiny through online publishing,” Mudzwiti added.

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