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It’s official, we South Africans love Cornish Garage Pie more than Pepper Steak – poll

As the debate rages on X (formerly Twitter) as to which is South Africa's most favourite Garage Pie (pot pie from a gas station), we ranked fan favourite petrol station pie flavour, and are happy to report we've found the winner. Now read on!

By Mosa Cibi

Johannesburg – South Africans love garages (petrol stations). Everyone has a story or a memory that took place at one in the not so distant past or present time. Whether you were getting supplies for the kiddies sports activities or perhaps it was the meet up location for an epic night of groove or even a departure point for a road trip.

More than anything South Africans love garage cuisine, sandwiches, muffins, or ready cooked meals.There has been however, a raging debate about which Garage Pie flavour is the most popular.

As per the above thread, X (ex Twitter) data shows that more than Pepper Steak, or even Steak and Kidney, South Africans’ favourite Garage Pie is surprisingly Cornish.

NOWinSA has ranked fan fovorite Gagare Pie according to a survey of tweets, and the data shows that more than Pepper Steak, Mzansi’s favourite choice is Cornish, followed by Sausage Roll, as per below order:

1. Cornish Pie
2. Sausage Roll
3. Chicken and Mushroom
4. Steak and Kidney
5. Pepper Steak

So as the days get colder and darker, be sure to revisit some of those good old memories with some good old-fashioned garage cuisine.

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