Harvest Cafe & Deli – Review

harvest cafe cape town

LET me begin by boldly declaring that years of my smoothie enthusiasm have afforded me the opportunity to discern between good, bad or simply mediocre. And sometimes, on a really good day, I can stumble upon one I would call “great”! Other times, however, a bad smoothie can be predicted even before devouring it. You can tell a lot from the texture of a smoothie – either too thick or watery. There are a required thickness and balance that is a make or break. What about the belief that the higher the price, the better the smoothie?

Well not all the time, at least not for me. The key is to consider the ingredients… And then there is a smoothie that is too good to look at. Maybe just way too good. A great lesson is to not get as excited based merely on aesthetics, as more often than once this has proven to disappoint. Now based on this wisdom as a smoothie connoisseur, I hope you can trust that my judgment in this regard is highly reliable, which take me to my next recommendation when looking for a hangout spot that delivers just that.

Situated within the colorful Cape Town suburb of Bp-Kaap, Harvest Café and Deli is one of those refreshing spots you just have to visit while in the Mother City. Personally, once was just not enough- simply because the menu brought out the child in me that raves while at a candy store, except this resulted in fewer chances of acquiring diabetes. The restaurant’s atmosphere with its sublime energy – inevitable with the breathtaking mountain and city’s panoramic views – is one of the first things that greets you upon arrival. Escorting me and my friend to our table was one of the restaurant’s friendly female waitress’ whose warm welcome sets the tone for the day, making you wanting to swing your feet up on the couch – which of course you’ll fight yourself not to regardless of the homely environment. The classic and elegant ambiance of the interiors makes you feel calm and at peace.

As we sat quietly yet excitedly, I pondered; what will I have this time? Toasted sourdough with perhaps one of the prettiest rose-cut avocado stands out for me, equally due to its attractive price too. Maybe some chia Bircher and coconut soaked oats instead, it’s an appropriate hour after all. On another hand, a hearty Shakshuka may be just what my appetite needs. Two poached eggs in tomato based sauce with chickpeas, garlic, and thyme garnished with fresh basil, roasted almonds, parmesan shavings and a drizzle of chili oil sounds too mouthwatering.

But I remembered I’m here strictly on a smoothie business and therefore I quickly diverted to the uncomplicated breakfast menu and a Green Power smoothie bowl it was! This reigns with spirulina, salted chocolate granola, banana, pomegranates, and coconut. Besides feeling a little healthier just a mere spoon into it, the bowl was nothing short of satisfaction. It hit all the right spots. Not too sweet, not too much or any less than expected. Be warned, this will leave your lips and tongue blacked-out by the spirulina residue. But not to worry because Harvest offers a variety of drinks to wash it all down.

With an inclusive full vegan dessert menu and great, wholesome dishes that cater equally to non-meat eaters this lively café sure wins the (guilt-free) heart.

Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 7.30am – 4.30pm, Sunday: 8.30am – 2pm
Contact: 079 448 1618
Location: 102 Wale Street, City Bowl
Website: https://harvest-capetown.business.site/