Lekker Vegan – Review

Lekker Vegan Cape Town
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What’s better than junk food on a lazy-to-cook Friday? How about cruelty-free junk food for that matter. Too good to be true? I thought so too as we browsed through the Lekker Vegan menu back in January for the first time through the Uber eats app. Alas, I have been reluctant to give my take on this yummy vegan spot in Cape Town CBD that has grown to become one of my favorites. Some things are just so good you want to keep them to yourself or perhaps that’s just me. I surely need to grow less selfish because a little sharing goes a long way. And all luscious things in life deserve recognition. Lekker Vegan is definitely one such.

Cape Town finally offers Vegans its traditional Gatsby

As expected there are many mouth-watering treats to choose from, be it burgers, plain chips, snacks, deserts, but one thing grabbed my attention; Gatsbys. Yes, you heard right. A vegan Gatsby, which comes as no surprise given that this much loved foot-long sandwich is a Cape Town specialty, served on a long bun filled with various fillings mostly deep fried steak or chicken, vegetables of your choice, along with a layer fries. For non-meat eaters, this either comes with vegan beef strips or vegan nuggets options – which as a vegan had to be on my agenda. For two people with a ferocious appetite and hungry enough to eat for the entire village, the anticipation between us was to obviously high. As we waited patiently – 20 minutes or so – for our order to arrive, time seemed to go slower than usual. Finally our order (Lekker beefy gatsby and Lekker cheesy burger) arrived.

Reason to hold off on that manicure appointment

One must admit, burgers and Gatsbys can be a bit messy to handle. But I love that. Not only are you guaranteed a finger licking good ending to get all the taste of the various flavors, the chunkiness tells you exactly what you are in for; a mish-mash of flavors to sure satisfy your hunger. Not only were the faux beef strips delectable, the texture closely resembled that of the real deal, it was unbelievable. What a deja-vu moment!

Given my inseparable relationship with mayonnaise, the Lekker Mayo sauce is one I had been looking forward to. And shall I say, I was gobsmacked. It’s creaminess blew me. The cheese sauce is unbeatable. Again, all vegan.

While there are many offerings I am yet to try, I personally recommend the Lekker cheesy burger, which I recently went back for more than once, this time at the physical restaurant itself. Situated in the CBD, on Harrington Street, a less crazy escape from the city’s hassle and bassle, it is a quiet with but a refreshing vibe. As if you need any more reason, it is good to note that the venue is quite picturesque with a breathtaking modern interior that just makes it instagrammable and a friendly staff that are happy to take a picture for you too …what more can a girl ask for!