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Advancing public’s understanding of AI has become a priority for this tech giant

As concerns over the safer use of smart machines deepen, Samsung announces its partnership with American-led AI watchdog, PAI

WANT to know how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect your everyday life? Well, tech giant, Samsung, has undertaken the responsibility to ensure that you are kept in the loop when it comes to all things AI,  machine learning and everything in between through its new partnership with PAI (Partnership on AI).

Established in 2016, PAI is a technology industry consortium that conducts research, discussion and shares insights with one thing in mind; to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies. The organization currently has more than 70 partners, including major global companies and human rights groups specializing in AI. “Acknowledging the rapid development and aiming to positively impact the future of AI technologies, Samsung joined PAI to shape the direction of AI development along with global member companies,” the Korean tech giant said in a statement.

Under this membership, Samsung will join one of PAI’s working groups, Collaboration Between People and AI Systems,  which will see them researching possible collaboration between humans and smart machines. Sounds bizarre, right?  Not so,  given that human and machine cognition are two different entities altogether. And while we may not be able to analyze and process data at such breakneck speed,  it’s a given that automated computers don’t possess the same physical and cognitive abilities as humans.

Moving full steam ahead into the AI era

It is for these reasons and more that as we move full steam ahead into AI era, more and more companies such as Samsung have come to realize that if anything greater is to be achieved, that would stem from striking a balance between our distinct abilities. As such, the company revealed its plans to not only unpack the economic impacts of AI but will participate in research on topics such as how the two can work together to turbocharge the speed of invention that is “beneficial to society.” These,  after all,  shouldn’t be hard to achieve given that Samsung already has a network of seven Global AI Centers in Seoul, Silicon Valley, New York, Cambridge, Moscow, Toronto, and Montreal.

Samsung already has a network of seven Global AI Centers including Cambridge, Moscow, Toronto and Montreal

“Samsung is dedicated to producing AI products and services that are reliable and safe for people and beneficial to society,” added Cambridge Mokanyane, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung South Africa. “As a member of the PAI, Samsung will strive to facilitate ongoing progress of artificial intelligence and develop best practices on AI technologies.”

Tankiso Komane
Tankiso Komane
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