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Learn how to trade forex like a real pro (app available)

Participating in forex and stock markets isn't for the faint hearted for sure. One company, however, has made it their mission to simplify the process and empower beginners and advanced traders alike with powerful trading strategies, indicators and tools

Tonny Molise, the visionary behind a groundbreaking South African online trading platform, Inhalt Markets, is working tirelessly to ensure that it becomes a global market solution provider. The digital trading firm, which has offices in Sandton (Johannesburg), Umhlanga (Durban) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) has over the years managed to distinguish itself by offering a complete investment and trading solutions tailored to the needs of everyone; weather you are a complete newcomer in online stock broking, advanced forex trader or a self taught investor. 

Servicing a broad array of clients from 45 countries worldwide, not only has Inhalt Markets slowly become an industry leader in making trading the markets quick, uncomplicated and secure for newbies and professionals alike. As a company that understands the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in unlocking opportunities, Inhalt Markets’ trading platform is the first of its kind in South Africa to be accessed via a smartwatch.

Essential trading tools at the push of a button 

Also available as an app for smartphones, tablets and desktops, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of advanced, easy to use trading tools and features. “These will enable traders to make timely, well-informed decisions that can maximise their returns,” the company said in a statement. Coming in handy for traders looking to maximize their returns, another exclusive feature for users comes in the form of an interrupted, 24-hour live feed providing breaking market news and analysis “at the push of a button”.

NOWinSA caught up with the renowned financial expert, to talk about his lifelong passion for financial education and empowering individuals with practical advise to creating wealth. This, afterall, is what laid the foundation of the business philosophy adapted by Inhalt Markets, an FSCA (formerly FSB) regulated ECN forex broker specializing in currencies, commodities and cryptocurrency trading.

Inhalt Markets, a regulated ECN forex broker specializing in currencies, commodities and crypto trading

As such, they should approach the sector with money they are willing to loose 

Tonny Molise, Inhalt Markets MD

NOWinSA: With the internet sparking the boom in forex trading, how can would-be investors protect themselves from fraudulent traders?

TM: Investors should always look for regulated trading institutions or practitioners.They also need to understand that forex and stock trading are the most volatile of industries, which means they are more risky and investors could loose all their capital. As such, they should approach the sector with money they are willing to loose. 

NOWinSA: What role does Inhalt Markets play in creating access for South Africans and other African investors interested in the stock markets?

TM: We are currently offering trainings on weekends and we are also working with reputable training institutions. We believe before people involve their hard earned capital in the financial sector, they need to learn how it operates and also the risks that are involved.

NOWinSA: Is there a risk-free way of investing one’s money?

TM: Yes there is! One needs to meet with a financial advisor to learn about things like Unitrust and Money Markets Accounts which are typically risk-free. And they can also make monthly contributions in these investments from as little as R250 a month. There is no risk involved at all, as they get to be pulled in portfolios which they collectively invest in, in different assets of their choice.

Investors can learn all about cryptocurrency trading from scratch

NOWinSA: What is the common mistake initial investors make and how can these be avoided?

TM: Most investors often don’t want to learn about the investment they are trying to make before they start investing. They want quick cash, highest returns with minimal risk. This type of investment does not exist. That said, there’s variety of investments one can look into, and taking time to learn about them will help them understand which one suits them better.

NOWinSA: Is there a platform that allows you to copy trades of established traders without taking on all the risk?

TM: Trading is another form of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs take all the risk. There is no zero risk trading technology, it’s also an impossible task to try develop one. Instead we have a copy trading technology called, Copy Trades Live, which is focusing on connecting traders using a specially kind of algorithm to predict markets. Technically traders continue to do what they do on a daily basis, and their data is reported live on the Copy Trades Live desktop.Traders who want to just copy any strategy, and are willing to accept a higher level of risk are welcomed to so. They don’t need to consultant with anybody as everything is automated.

NOWinSA: Is Inhalt Markets only for traders in Sandton / Johannesburg or can anyone join?

TM: Everyone who is willing to learn the financial markets and trade on their own can join us. We have users of our technology throughout Africa – from the rural areas to the big cities. As long as you can connect to the internet on your laptop, computer, cellphone or smartwatch. You can use our technology anytime, anywhere.

For more info or guide to downloading the new app, visit Inhalt Markets at

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