With over 20 million cosmetic procedures taking place every year worldwide, more and more people are trying to get into the aesthetics game, untrained individuals included.

This not only leaves prospective patients with the tough job of making sure they tick all the important boxes that ascertain them that the aesthetician or doctor is qualified, skilled and vetted to perform their desired procedure. It also lessen the chances of ending up with totally botched or unsatisfactory results.

So when the opportunity came for me to try out the latest buzzword in anti-aging circles, the original GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling, I wasn’t only curious to find out if the treatment is worth the hype or “legit” as they say.

After many failed attempts to get rid of the naughty dark patches of skin on my face that seem to have sprung out of nowhere, not to mention the pretty obvious ‘too-little-sleep’ look I so often fail to conceal even with make up, it was exciting to know I could well be on my way to a new, healthier skin. With scores of over-the-counter skincare products in my closet that are anything but effective, I figured I’ve got nothing to lose.

An oasis of tranquillity in a busy world

After accepting an invitation to try out the original GREEN PEEL® at Dr Reza Mia’s Anti-Aging Art medical practice, my appointment was subsequently scheduled and confirmed. And when the day finally arrives, I was super excited, particularly after having had such a rough work week prior to this. I couldn’t think of anything better to do to escape the “everyday”, than visiting this tranquil place of pampering and rejuvenation, situated within the leafy and affluent suburb of Houghton, north of Johannesburg.

An oasis of tranquility: This luxurious room has views of the garden mirrors reflecting the majestic willow tree

With this being my second visit so far – eight months apart – I always find the fascility’s intimate and quite setting very inviting without the intimidating and typically bustling atmosphere of larger cosmetic surgeries. The friendly staff members warmly greet and acknowledge you upon arrival, immediately putting you at ease – irrespective of how serious your cosmetic concern may be. Luckily mine – as agonizing as it may have seemed to me – wasn’t really something to be terrified of. Just a quick, (non invasive) lunch hour procedure for correcting a few skin impurities, much of which I fully take responsibility for and the decision to change; the late nights, early mornings and work stress.

As Dr Mia pointed out, all of these – including age related hormonal changes – eventually lead to a drop in one’s skin’s PH levels, resulting in all sort of skin problems.

All natural, little downtime

The all natural, original GREEN PEEL® has been a worldwide success for more than 60 years and works wonders for a variety of problems. Originally developed by Dr Christine Schrammek in Germany and offered by certified aestheticians worlwide, it serves as an effective prevention helper against premature aging and loss of elasticity – even if your skin hasn’t started showing any signs of aging yet.

My dedicated beauty therapist, the fresh faced and seemingly innocent Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Gule (@skinbyboity on Instagram) really has her work cut out for her, I initially thought. But as it turns out, she really is good at what she does. She’s pleasant, professional and ever-ready to explain, with a chuckle in between, the process step by step.

Therapist Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Gule has her work cut out for her

“Today I’m going to apply light to moderate massage pressure since this is your first time doing this,” Boity says as I lay in bed while she preps my skin, first with a soft cleansing lotion, then a herbal care lotion to tone and increase moisture pressure. She finishes off (the prep) with a gel super purifant, used to unclog pores and enable the skin to optimally absorb the herbs.

She then mixes the herbs (made of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins) and massages the mixture into my skin in circular motion to stimulate blood circulation and improve oxygen flow – encouraging skin renewal. As she’s busy doing this – about a minute and a half into it – I start to experience a tingly sensation, more like glass shards lodged inside the skin. Although it is neither painful not persistent, she explains that I will feel a bit more of this – prickly sensation – whenever I touch my face for the next two to three days.

To calm the skin, and treat the suddenly occuring redness, Boity applies Dr Schrammek’s Sensi Calm Ampoule (ampoules are potent version of serums). She puts on a cooling mask right after and a corrective moisturizer, along with an anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial blemish balm to provide coverage.

Apart from the mild dryness and redness that lasted a few hours, I was immediately able to return to my normal life routine and go out in public with my face intact (not swollen), while my skin takes time to heel. 

Promised Results

The time the skin needs to renew itself is reduced from 28 days to five, leaving you with a brighter and clearer complexion. For maximum results, a course of four to six peels, four weeks apart is recommended.


After many years of believing that I am stucked with the annoying blotchy patches on my cheeks and dull skin for the rest of my adult life, I can not believe how fresher, brighter and awake my face now looks. The green peel is truly safe and effective, and I will no doubt be going back for more. Watch the space!

Glowing skin; 3 weeks post treatment
  • Booking info: To enquire or book your consultation, call the Anti Aging Art on (011) 483 0881 / info@antiagingart.co.za

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