TIPPED as the must have winter footwear item for discerning gents, the limited ‘Anga’ sneaker edition is a culmination of a collaborative efforts between the singer and Soviet Denim. Available at Soviet retail stores nationwide from next month (March 20), the fashionable shoe is available in two colour pallets – namely white/olive and white/navy – and is perfectly complimented with contrast colour panels with the official NaakmusiQ logo on the back heel counter.

Having his own sneaker range has always been the dream of the Isidingo actor, whose effortlessly cool style perfectly matches Soviet’s ethos of fun, fresh and fashionable, “but still keeping it real”

Q&A: All about the making of the “Anga’ sneaker

NOWinSA caught up with the Port Elizabeth born star, to find out what it exactly takes to create a shoe that is not only accessible to the ordinary guy in the street, but one that captures his sense of style.

Effortlessly cool: actor and singer Anga “NaakmusiQ” Makubalo

Q: We have just learned that you have added footwear or rather ‘sneaker maker’ to your list of achievements. Tell us a bit about the project and how it came to life?

 Anga: As you know I am the brand ambassador for Soviet Denim and the team decided it would be nice for me to have something of my own that I can give to my fans. I loved the idea and here we are today.

Q: There’s lot of thought that goes into bringing to life a creative project of this nature. How much of your heart and soul have you put into the whole thing?

Anga: As smuch as I’d like to take all the credit I can’t. To be honest I just picked the design of the sneaker and incorporated my favourite colours on it, everyone else at Soviet that, was involved are the ones that put their everything into this and I appreciate them so much.

Q: How would you define the shoe style?

Anga: The style of the show is very simple yet stylish. There isn’t too much happening and that is exactly the kind of sneakers I’m into. I love flat and petite looks that don’t look too massive on the foot.

Q: Sneaker culture has taken off big time. And while this is more about the appreciation and passion for what it represents to individual collectors as it’s about commercialism, it has gone on to give birth to the term “sneakerheads’. Is this something you personally embrace, and how would you rate yourself – on a scale of 1 to 10 –  in terms of your sneaker collection?

A petite look that don’t look too massive on the foot

Anga: Oh yes definitely, I’m a proud sneakerhead. I have plenty of sneakers that are many different styles and designs…in terms of sneaker collection I’d say, 7 out of 10. There are still plenty of sneakers I’d love to own, but I’m working on that.”

 Q: Given all your projects and busy schedule, how do you balance it all?

Anga: I have to say, it was pretty difficult in the beginning but things have gotten a whole lot better with time and I finally got to understand how to manage it. I now get all the scheduling departments of the productions I work with to communicate with each other directly and figure out how they can share me together. So I just get the whole timetable already put together then I just follow that.

Real denim for real people

Anga is a perfect representation of talent, passion, energy, innovation and simplicity, which we feel is the ultimate mirror to the Soviet brand

Soviet Denim has been creating showstopper, unique creations in the denim and footwear spheres for 32 years now. This collaboration, says MD for Soviet Caroline Hardman, perfectly mirrors what the brand stands for, adding “Anga is passionate about style, and bringing that to the world and shares the perfect representation of talent, passion, energy, playfulness, innovation and simplicity which we feel is the ultimate mirror to the Soviet brand.”

  • Anga sneaker giveaway

This limited sneaker edition will be exclusively available at Soviet retail stores and online from March 20, retailing for R499 a pair. While early birds have until March 8 to pre-order theirs via Soviet’s Online stores, we are giving one luckly reader a chance to be among the first to win and own a pair of ‘Anga” sneaker.

In order to win a pair, you’ll have to follow these rules:

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The contest will end next Wednesday, March 06, with the winner will be contacted via email!