LV’s Horizon Earphones; a must for high tech enthusiasts looking for something rarefied

The internet of things sees a major overhaul as the famed French luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton, takes on high tech brands with the launch of the highly stylish Horizon Earphones


Forget the luxurious Apple Airport, Louis Vuitton is once again pushing the boundaries of luxury with the new line of Bluetooth wireless earphones, which hit the shelves this past weekend. The announcement has sent fashionable audiophiles into a total frenzy as many wondered if this bold move signals the brand’s full foray into the world of tech. As many would recall, Louis Vuitton first entered the wearable tech market last year with the launch of the much talked about Tambour Horizon smartwatch. This time around, the rare partnership – in collaboration with audio specialist Master & Dynamic – is designed to serve Louis Vuitton’s core customers and discerning high tech enthusiasts looking for one of a kind earbuds – with of course LV’s signature branding and exclusiveness. The earbuds come in four colour offerings; red monogram, black, classic white and yellow and blue stripes. Featuring cutting edge technology, the new portable companions “remain faithful to Louis Vuitton’s timeless values of craftmanship, to its spirit of travel and outstanding creativity,” read a statement from the fashion house. 

Equipped wtih 3.5 hours of listening time, the pricey earbuds retails for $995

Next step towards connected products

As LV’s chairman Michael Burke pointed out ahead of Tambour Horizon’s launch more than a year ago, the earbuds clearly signals the fashion house’s next step towards connected products. “Look, the internet of things is really only going to get bigger,” he told New York Times at the time, adding: “You can sit on the sidelines and watch, or dive in and participate and try to influence where things go. We’re diving in.” 
Equipped with 3.5 hours of listening time, the pricey earbuds retails for $995, along with a matching charging case with a total of 10 hours of battery life.
While the announcement may sound like music to our ears, the earbuds actually take cue from last year’s MW07s, which you can still purchase for $300 if you are not that much of an image conscious fashionista.   


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