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Quick fire questions with FourFiveCBD founders George Kruis and Dom Day

Originally founded in the UK, a new CBD product range has hit the South African shores by storm, and already found its way into the homes of many professional rugby players and athletes in only a short amount of time. We caught up with the former Saracens duo, as they give us the lowdown on the groundbreaking brand in this useful quick-fire interview.

Fourfivecbd is the brainchild of two professional whose rugby careers brought forth a need for a product which would ultimately help professional athletes and active people alike during recovery with a natural alternative, using cannabidiol (CBD), a natural compound with non-psychoactive effects.

Dominic Day played professional rugby for over 14 years playing in Wales, England, Japan and Australia before finally hanging up his boots earlier this year.

Meanwhile, his co-founder, George Kruis, is still actively applying his trade for Saracens and was a key part of the England squad who made it to the final of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in 2019.

We caught up with the impeccable sporting duo, who told us everything we need to know about this truly exciting product range, which is bound to be a hit in the sports driven country of South Africa – this as more consumers start to warm to the idea of CBD in the wake of the ever-growing legalised marijuana movement.

When was fourfivecbd established?

We were officially established in October 2018 but this was after several months of market research. Went live to the public on 1 January 2019 in the UK. At the beginning it was about developing as safe a product as possible for athletes and anyone that wanted to take CBD. But seeing how the business has grown in such a short space of time we are most definitely in this for the long term and we are extremely excited with where this market is going.

Tell us about the name fourfivecbd– what does it stand for?

It’s our playing numbers on the back of our rugby jerseys. We were both playing lock at the time for Saracens. Funny enough, fourfivecbd wasn’t our first choice and to date probably the toughest decision we’ve had to make.

What makes your brand unique?

The fact that we are a sports-focused CBD brand! We see a lot of brands out there trying to capture the market as a great whole, but for us, we wanted to focus on what we know which is sports and keeping active. By doing this we have allowed our focus to be on a specific customer base that we can relate to.

Who would you describe as your perfect consumer?

A person who is health conscious, active and interested in trying new things! We target anyone who’s involved in sports or anyone who wants to stay active. There are a lot of people who work 9 to 5 or want to go for a jog after work or play squash. Anyone who has an active lifestyle essentially!

You recently entered the South African market – what was the decision making process behind this?

For us, it was a no-brainer. Firstly, we saw the potential in the South African CBD market and with South Africa being a sport-loving nation we were confident our products would do well in this market. Secondly, we have a few South Africans working with us on the UK side and a few South Africans that work at Saracens, so collectively we decided to launch fourfivecbd SA.

How do you decide upon your products – what is the thought process thereof?

Most importantly, it has to be a product that is going to be beneficial to our customer. Being a sports CBD brand we focus on what products our customers would use. We see a lot of different types of CBD products these days but unfortunately, a lot of those can be gimmick products. We keep our products simple and effective but innovative.

FourFiveCBD co-founder George Kruis

Nowadays it’s important to be an environmentally conscious brand. How do you contribute to a greener society?

We are an environmentally conscious company. All our products and packaging are fully recyclable, natural, vegan, and vegetarian friendly. We are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Your products cater to all lifestyles. Why is this important to you?

If we can help someone keep active for 2 more minutes, hours or years we have done a good job.

Two sportsmen working alongside each other, why did you decide to start a company together?

We were already involved in a business together so we knew each other on a business front. With both of us having similar experiences with CBD it was a no-brainer to start this journey together. I feel we balance each other well.

Is there a limit to how much CBD one can consume?

The maximum dosage in SA is 20mg per day.

How do I know which product is best for me?

 If you are after a faster impact with quicker-absorption we recommend you try our CBD oils. For a slower-releasing and longer-lasting effect we would suggest our capsules. For anything external and skin related then our muscle rubs are what you’re looking for.

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