The go-to wireless charger for any QI device 2020 (tried & tested)

Major smartphone brands have been spoiling us rotten in recent years with faster and more faster charging speeds. NOWinSA editor, Tankiso Komane, recently tested the Moshi Otto Q, ranked among the world's fastest, QI certified wireless chargers with up to 10W of power. Likewise, she was totally impressed by not only its safe, high-speed charging, but both its slick design and broad compatibility, whether using an Android or Apple's iOs device.

A picture demo {by NOWinSA} of the Samsung S10+ placed on top of the Moshi's Otto Q wireless charger as it charges
The Otto Q is optimised to charge your phone faster wirelessly. Photo: NOWinSA

When it comes to charging your smartphone, major tech brands have been spoiling us rotten in recent years with faster charging speeds.

However, you can’t argue that the ultimate spoil is the wireless charging, which not only cuts down clutter from charging cables, but allows for longer device life and less e-waste.

Which is why when an invitation from the acclaimed tech-lifestyle brand, Moshi, landed in our office to try out their latest charging invention, the Otto Q, I was immediately keen to put it to the test.
After all, it’s been declared the fastest wireless charger in the world – as tested by several reputable media houses, including German Apple magazine, Mac&I.

Super-fast & widely adaptable

So I decided to take the Otto Q fast charging pad on a test myself. What I found out is that not only is it incredibly fast, with a capacity to support wireless charging at up to 10W, using a high-output (9V) QC charger like Moshi’s Rewind C, which is sold separately.

What this means is that it can charge any Apple’s iOS devices wirelessly – be it Airpods or iPhones (starting from the iPhone 8 onwards) with its 7.5 W fast-charging standard, as well as any Qi-powered Android phone like my Samsung S10+ (9W ) at top speed. Interestingly, I was surprised to find the phone charging speed unaffected when the Otto Q was plugged from my HP laptop, which normally gets to be incredibly slower with standard chargers.

Attractive, quality design

Thanks to its slick design, the Otto Q looks good on anything

The first thing I fell in love with when I laid my eyes on the Otto Q was its minimal yet inviting gray soft fabric finish that looks good on just about anything. Whether on a wooden side table in your living room, a nightstand next to your bed or on your sleek stainless steel kitchen counter, it always fits in nicely!

The gray silicone surface ring and base is strong and sturdy enough to securely prevent it from sliding away. It can also charge most cases, up to 5 mm thick without issues.

QI safety certification

Unlike many of its competitors with this kind of speed, neither the phone or the Otto Q ever gets hot (overheats), all thanks to its efficient circuitry which ensures it stays cool throughout. In a case of any foreign metal object finding it’s way to your device, the wireless charging gets immediately disabled.

Likewise, the Otto Q was rigorously tested  and comes with a Qi-certifitication to ensure you never run into problems such as overcharging, which may damage low-powered wireless phone’s coil and the battery, or even overheat nearby objects, which can cause fire. 

Smart LED

The white LED at the front of the Moshi Otto Q flashes gently while charging and stays on when your phone is fully charged. Unfortunately this light can be hard to notice during day time unlike at night, so it’s best to regularly check it, when pressed for time, to see how far charged is your phone.

The Otto Q is renowned for its broad compatibility, whether using an Android or iPhone


I have been using the Moshi Otto Q for a few months now and it is still in top form, so I completely recommend it to anyone looking for an adaptable wireless charger with top-notch speed. Better yet, all Moshi products come with a 10-year warranty, so you can arrest assured knowing you’re covered if a defect arises. 

That the Otto Q comes as pad as opposed and not stand to conveniently holds the phone while charging is a bit of a disappointment, but the design and quality makes up for this, and the slightly steep US$39,95 price tag (roughly R700) .

And while the Otto Q comes with a 3-foot USB-A cable, sadly there’s no wall charger in the box, but if you could try to pair it with a high output plug for best performance. For this test, I managed to  charge my Samsung S10+ to 73% in 60-minute, while the traditional charger charged it to 54%. However my nephew’s iPhone Xs was charged to 58% in the same period (60-minute). Impressive, isn’t!

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