Lockdown beauty hacks: 4 organic DIY facial masks for glowing skin

Stepping up your skincare routine game in a more sustainable way while staying home has never been easier with these simple all-natural facial masks.


Two more weeks of lockdown means additional time to spend with your loved ones, and focusing on the things that really matters.

For those who may want to step up their skincare routine game in more sustainable way, there’s never been a better time to do so.  

Here’s a look at 4 tried and tested DIY face masks to help fix your skin problems, courtesy of Umhlanga’s Spa Royale, a 4-star hotel focused on educating visitors on what they can be done to help reduce wastage and consumption, just as they care about their health and general well-being.

  • Turmeric Mask: This spice is considered a bit of a holy grail in the skincare community. As cited by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, it has proven medical anti-inflammatory benefits, so it can effectively reduce redness and other irritants. It also brightens skin and may even fight signs of aging. This is all old news on the eastern side of the globe, where Indian brides have been using turmeric masks to catch a natural glow on their wedding day for many years. But now, the rest of the world is catching on, and so should you. Likewise, many people swear by the simple turmeric powder and honey mask, but you can add potent antioxidants like milk or yogurt to help make it a creamier, or lemon for skin brightening and lightening benefits.
  • Avocado Mask: These yummy green masks tend to pop up on every DIY corner of the internet simply because avo is a great natural moisturizer. It adds hydration to dry skin while soothing, according to extensive research by the award winning eco-friendly beauty brand Garnier, and revitalizing it in the process. Yuvati Shah, owner of Spa Royale, recommends combining half an avo with honey and yogurt or oats to help balance and calm reactive, red and sensitive skin.
  • Cucumber Mask: You probably know that placing cucumber slices over your eyes is great for reducing bags or puffiness. But cucumbers are more than just a spa accessory. They naturally calm irritated or inflamed skin — sometimes even sunburn — and because they’re practically all water as cited by the world’s leading medical and healthcare database PubMed, they provide tons of hydration. For an extra soothing boost, mix half of a (mashed) cucumber with aloe vera gel. Milk and yogurt are still safe bets here, but if you’re looking to soak up excess oil, add some oats and honey instead.
  • Brown sugar Mask: For a good antioxidant-rich scrub, just grab the brown sugar bowl. Brown sugar is the ingredient favored by many skincare experts, including renowned Dr. Josh Axe, because the individual sugar crystals gently exfoliates your skin, flushing out any oil and grime. It also prevents moisture loss and keeps you hydrated. Brown sugar masks frequently use coconut or olive oil, to amp up the moisture even further. You might also consider a few drops of vanilla extract or lemon juice. But if all else fails, there’s the old standby: honey.

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