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7 lesser known mind-blowing facts about cannabis

Cannabis is a treasure trove of multitudinous properties that can be extremely valuable for humans when used carefully and smartly. But before we go deeper into recent medical cannabis advances, check out this 7 mind-blowing marijuana facts that might just blow your mind.

While the cannabis industry continues to make stride with new medical and recreational markets opening across the world, there’s still a lot we don’t about this acient plant.

Read through if you’re among those fascinated by marijuana’s versatility, and wonder what else it has in store for us.

1. Cannabis legalisation is gradually taking place

After being illegal in various parts of the world for many years, cannabis is slowly gaining legal grounds in as many places as South Africa.

As you may have learnt, researchers are slowly redeeming the various benefits that the plant is known to have, which is why authorities are taking proper steps to legalise it for medical use.

While there is still a minimal number of countries that have legalised the use of cannabis, in its complete form, it (cannabis) may take a while to spread its effect. However its non-psychoactive component CBD is already creating a hype of its own in the market.

2. Cannabis is available in various forms

If you think smoking a joint is the only way to consume cannabis, then you are highly mistaken.

Cannabis manufacturing industries are offering multitudinous products, made out of cannabis to simplify its consumption.

Besides, not everyone likes to smoke, and those with compromised lungs shouldn’t even consider this option.

The harmful effects of smoking on the body, which extends beyond the lungs, have made cannabis experts think out the box and make it available in various healthier forms as well.

You can check various retailers for a wide array of products such as vape oil, tinctures, edibles, and cannabis vape pen.

3. Cannabis is one of the most ancient anesthetics

The cannabis plant is not new to the world and its origin roots centuries back. Surprisingly, cannabis was one of the first anesthetics to be used by physicians and surgeons.

Considering its mind-altering abilities, a Chinese surgeon used a mixture of cannabis to provide to its patients before initiating a surgery on them.

4. Cannabis can relieve anxiety issues

No, we are not talking about the high that cannabis furnishes with its consumption. Cannabis offers properties that can fight anxiety concerns in humans, as well as in animals.

Research says cannabis provides relief from mental health concerns such as stress, depression, and anxiety. A safe dosage of this natural ingredient can help to tame anxious thoughts better than many chemically curated medications. Physicians also prescribe the non-psychoactive component CBD to tackle anxiety issues.

5. Hemp and marijuana are different from each other

You must have heard the names “hemp” and “marijuana”. Unbeknown to many, although they are both part of the same family plant – of cannabis, they are two varying plants of the same species of cannabis.

While the hemp plant is rich in cannabidiol, marijuana is known to induce mind-altering component THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in high amounts.

The low amount of THC in the hemp plant makes it a safer alternative for medical use. Marijuana, on the other hand, offers a high THC level that induces more psychoactive effects, hence making it a better option for recreational usage.

6. Cannabis strains can benefit in reducing seizures

An amazing fact about cannabis is that it is an excellent ingredient to curb seizures in patients of epilepsy.

Experts are still trying to understand how exactly cannabis helps in reducing them, but a number of patients have sworn by its healing power.

The most prominent example of all time is Charlotte’s Web, a low-THC and high-CBD containing cannabis strain, named after the girl who inspired its creation.

Charlotte Figi, a 13-year-old severe epileptic patient, used to experience a horrifying amount of around 300 seizures in a week.

However, her symptoms are believed to have largely disappeared after she began taking an oil created using a strain of marijuana with low THC.

The drug’s psychoactive compound was created by Stanley Brothers, a marijuana business in Colorado. It later named it after her.

7. Cannabis is known to be less addictive than caffeine

A majority of people recognise cannabis as an addictive substance that may lead to producing dangerous withdrawal effects.

Still, the truth is, your regular dose of caffeine is more addictive than cannabis. Hard to believe, but caffeine addiction can be far worse than cannabis and may lead to withdrawal symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and nausea as well.

Final thoughts

These are some of the many amazing facts about cannabis and its usage. Cannabis is known as an ancient herb with various pros and cons attached to it. If you are willing to try it out, make sure you consult a professional to comprehend its safe usage. 

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