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Shoot in 8K. Watch in 8K. Top South African filmmaker shows us how

As technology continues to revolutionise what we can expect to see on our television, the coinage "content is king" has too taken a new meaning to now include how it's being delivered. Award-winning South African filmmaker Tebogo Malope, who recently shot an 8K music video using the Galaxy S20, lets us in on how Qled 8K TVs deliver fluid viewing experiences to audiences and integrate into his lifestyle as a creative.

As more people learn to adapt to the new way of life in post-Covid19 times, from learners using TV’s as an invaluable classroom to gym fanatics creating in-house gyms, and so too are tech giants, which have no choice but to embrace these evolving needs and focus more on providing customer-centric experiences.

South African filmmaker Tebogo Malope, who’s the brains behind a number of award-winning local commercials and music videos, lets us in on such a revolutionary tech invention as embodied in the 2020 Samsung QLED TV range.

Recognised for directing Africa’s first Netflix original series, ‘Queen Sono‘, Malope recently shot a music video using the 8K capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20, and likewise, here’s excited about the 2020 Q-Led 8K TV range and what it promises deliver in this regard.

“TV has become a focal point in our lives from work to play. People are harnessing the power of this medium more than ever in this new normal. Big screen QLED TV’s has evolved from a mere TV to an entertainment hub in your own home.”

He added: “As a director, my goal is to bring my work to life, utilising technology, like the QLED TV, which creates that fully immersive experience for consumers to consume content in that vivid life-like 8K experience.”

Q-Led 8K TV capabilities; from the director’s chair

Samsung’s unparalleled legacy of combining the latest displays with AI technologies, immersive technologies, along with breath-taking sound quality is exactly what got Malope hooked on the QLED TV.

Lifelike 8K displays bring vision to life

As a director, Malope has an understandable desire for the onscreen end product to reflect the initial vision and the camera techniques used. Fortunately, with the level of detail and brightness, you can bring your favourite content through the life-like clarity of 8K with 33 million pixels.

The groundbreaking Samsung Quantum Processor will ensure memorable adventures are brought to life in high quality 8K format no matter the source of the original content.

An important factor for any director is the technology considerations made to ensure the integrity of the movie or show created. On that note QLED TVs use Quantum Dots, which are said to be unique in their ability to perform without losing quality while employing the best colour expression.

Additionally, with its HDR10+ technology, it takes lifelike colours and contrasts to a new, dynamic level, ensuring each scene looks as the user meant it to.

Furthermore, Tebogo believes that 2020 has revealed new reasons why large-screen technology is important now more than ever; from the vast streaming services to cinematic video games, and quality onscreen content.

Additionally, with many students studying from home due to Covid-19 lockdown measures, TVs – big screens in particular- have emerged as valuable tools that help bridge the gap between classroom, device, and a world of online content.

Thanks to its big screen, the Samsung QLED has helped bridges the gap between classroom and device

A New Direction In Audio

Onset, it’s more than just the pictures that are created to tell a story, the audio design is an essential part of the narrative. With QLED, you don’t miss a word as the sound moves and follows the picture with 6 built-in speakers. 

Likewise users can experience surround sound that tracks every movement and amplifies voices. Active Voice Amplifier is another feature Malope loves as it enhances the dialogue when there are distracting sounds in the room, like a vacuum cleaner in the distance. The story can also flow effortlessly with Samsung’s Q-Symphony soundbars that are orchestrated in an awe-inspiring harmony.

As someone who is never far from his smartphone, QLED’s MultiView offers another way for him to maximise every moment spent in front of the TV screen. Whether it’s live stats for sports or cheat videos for games, users can simply connect their phone and dual-screen. 


Available in 4K or 8K and from 43-inch to 98-inch, the QLED series was designed with options to fit any space and various budgets. For Malope, this is a further inspiration to create unmissable TV.

Note: With exception of the Foldable, all 2020 Galaxy flagship smartphones support video recording in 8K resolution, including the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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