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Reasons you should watch Survivor SA: Immunity Island E7

From an accidentally spilled rice to a series of handicaps and secret surprises with game-altering results, the castaways in this week's episode of 'Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island' will learn to face and embrace demons that haunted them from previous games. After all there's no point crying over spilled rice. Below are reasons why you should watch this episode of 'Survivor SA' S8.

This week’s episode (July 15) of ‘Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island‘ isn’t called an emotional rollercoaster for no reason as the castaways will among others manoeuvre for merge – even as they aren’t 100% certain when it will arrive.

Below are reasons why you don’t want to miss episode 7 of ‘Survivor SA’ S8:

  • A castaway resorts to hand-washing individual grains of spilled rice in a bid to right an accident which could have catastrophic consequences.
  • An Immunity Island visit delivers a series of surprises that could have major repercussions on the game – if they’re played at the right time.
Another challenge in the Wild Coast waters!
  • One castaway begs previous tribemates for salvation at a challenge – will they extend an olive branch?
  • A number of secret advantages and handicaps are still in play: Anela has a ‘No Vote’ for his next Tribal Council; Tyson has a second Immunity Idol; Anesu is still in possession of her ‘Tribal Pass’ that allows her to send herself or someone else to camp before the votes are cast and Chappies can jump ship from tribe Vuna to Zamba, if Vuna wins the Tribal Immunity Challenge. Some of these advantages have expiry dates – and it’s up to the Castaways to make the most of them, before time runs out.

Hosted by Nico Panagio, Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island is produced by Afrokaans, in partnership with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC).

Anela’s no vote!

The series airs at 7.30pm every Thursday on M-Net (DStv Channel 101). Survivor fans worldwide can catch it simultaneously Australian streaming service, 10 Play.

For regular updates on the show, visit the M-Net website here.

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