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The Bachelorette South Africa: meet the final 4 men competing for Qiniso

Qiniso van Damme's journey for love has gotten bigger and more complicated as the last four men vying for his heart are revealed in the second episode of the inaugural Bachelorette South Africa on Thursday (February 18).

A host of eligible young men will soon realise that ‘The Bachelorette South Africa‘ is not for the faint of heart as they compete to win the affection of the vivacious, model, actress and masters student.

M-Net (DStv channel 101) is excited to reveal the last four stunning eligible suitors vying for Qiniso’s love. The announcement comes just weeks after the unmasking of the first five men to to join #BachelorNation in January, followed by ten men in the previous episode.

Now M-Net is excited to reveal the last four stunning eligible suitors vying to win over Qiniso, who shot to fame when she appeared as one of the contestants on Season 2 of ‘The Bachelor SA‘ last year vying for Marc Buckner‘s heart.


Age: 25

Height: 183 cm

Town: Johannesburg

Cameron is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker – primarily an actor with experience in producing, writing and directing. He runs a production company with his friend and business partner Kagiso Rabada.

In 2021 they will debut their first exciting powerhouse story called “beast”  and launch an accessible podcast platform called Zapcast. Cameron is a modern man and immediately sucks you in with his cheeky charm and imagination.

He is a straight shooter who knows exactly what he wants and will not allow anything to stop him. Keep an eye on this one. 

He is open and communicative. He is an actor, so first instinct is that he would plug that – but that is common ground for him & Qiniso. He is a low-maintenance, talkative and a real guy.


Age: 31

Height: 168 cm

Town: Johannesburg

Craig was born in Addington hospital in Durban where he did his primary school years also and then moved to Newcastle for matric. His family roots come from KwaHlabisa in Northern of KZN.

He graduated from GIBS already in Social Entrepreneurship in 2020. The objective is about helping learners with learning disabilities reach optimal development.

Craig studied Child and Youth Development at the Durban University of Technology.

Craig enjoys swimming, gardening, taking walks and playing basketball impacting the youth through skills development.

He owns a social enterprise called Sizo Social Solutions which focuses on empowering young people through hands-on education.

He hates people who disrespect elders most and hypocrites with no backbone.


Age: 27

Height: 188 cm

Town: Cape Town/Stellenbosch

Gareth thrives on adventure and loves making fun out of life. He has quiet confidence as well as a wonderful sensitive side. He is determined, ambitious and enjoys the beauty of a healthy lifestyle. Gareth is in digital marketing whilst also coaching people on how to live responsibly with body & mind…he believes a good balance in life is crucial.

After graduating from UCT and Stellenbosch University, he spent a few years abroad. Now, after his travels he is content with pursuing a life back home, no longer seeking a solo adventure…he now seeks a partner to journey through life with.

Gareth is sexy, confident and very competitive and considers his sense of humour unusual. He has a strong creative streak and loves writing, perhaps a reason him and Q might hit it off? He is open to the process and excited to see where this journey leads.


Age: 28

Height: 181 cm

Town: Houtbay, Cape Town

Greg, born and lived in Johannesburg for most of his primary school years. After that, his family moved to Port Elizabeth for a few years and then Cape Town which has been his home for the past 7 years.

He is a barman, part-time hardcore guitarist, freelance scuba diver & enjoys old school motorbikes.   He is a gentle soul but is still figuring out where he will be in the next few years.

He aspires to be a self-sustained individual. He has never been in love, except for a teen romance in high school. Up until recently, he has been selfishly focusing on himself and now he is ready to look for love.

The Bachelorette South Africa‘ season 1 is also available on DStv Premium and Compact Plus.

Phoeby Montari
Phoeby Montari
Phoeby Montari is a Psychology student, model, feminist activist, and published writer. Through complexities that stretch through different fields, she aims to make an impact through her varied professional sphere with a writing-style characterized by metaphorical nuances ranging from poetry to socio-political issues and cruelty-free vegetarian lifestyle.
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