Sanitise and dry clean your clothes at the touch of a button, all season

A closet that sanitise and dry cleans your clothes, from the comfort of your own home? As far-fetched as this may sound, this new innovation from tech giant Samsung not only makes a visit to the dry cleaners a thing of the past, but also come in handy during the rainy season. Here's how!


With no certainty as to when Covid-19 will end, tech companies have not been lagging behind when it comes finding ways to help us adapt to the new normal. That’s where the Samsung AirDresser, which has fittingly earn the title ‘smart clothes cleaner + sanitiser’ comes in.

It’s said to be equipped with the latest tech innovations; from the deodorizing filter, which prevents odour-causing gases from building-up inside and creating an unpleasant smell in your clothes, to the build-in heat pump dryer, which uses cooler temperatures to dry clothes gently and reduce any chance of damage and shrinkage. Furthermore, the AirHangers reportedly freshens clothes by using powerful jets of air to loosen and remove engrained dust.

The AirDresser resembles a stylish, contemporary wardrobe that fits seamlessly into any home.

According to Samsung South Africa, the revolutionary AirDresser also prolongs the period between washes, meaning less stress is put on fabrics, particularly delicate materials. “And with the growing trend of people choosing to invest in sustainable, higher-quality garments that will cause less damage to the environment, the AirDresser ensures that garments will last for longer, ” the company further said. 

Availability & pricing 

Available in a crystal mirror colour, the AirDresser resembles a stylish, contemporary wardrobe that fits seamlessly into any home, and as it is fitted with a water tank, there is no need for it to be plumbed in.

It retails at a recommended retail price of R32 999.

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