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The Opel Mokka won’t disappoint, but there is one problem; China

While China is clearly on a mission to compete with European and German rivals in particular when it comes to producing quality cars at the lowest possible price, the new Opel Mokka has earned its place in the sun for those looking for stylish and reliable mid size crossovers great for family errands and weekend getaways; writes Pitso Mokoena.

If you could only have one car for the rest of your life, what car would you choose? You might have been asked this question before. The automatic response might have been something exotic, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, if not a Mercedes G63 AMG.

However, as you think about it deeply, common sense kicks in. If you only have one car, it will need to fit every element of your lifestyle. It needs to be comfortable, safe and reliable. It needs to be spacious and cost effective. It may need a child seat while hauling your groceries.

When the long weekend comes around, you need to fit 3 or 4 bags in the boot for the weekend away with your family. It becomes very clear that a 2 seat Ferrari just cannot fulfill those needs. All these considerations invariably lead many towards crossovers or SUV’s. This brings us to the Opel Mokka. If you could only afford just one half a million rand car, could the Mokka fulfill all of your needs? Let us find out.

What is the Opel Mokka?
The second generation of the Mokka was launched in South Africa in April this year. Design wise, its sharper lines are a huge departure from the first generation Mokka’s softer, fluid lines. This is not a bad thing though as it sets it apart from the vast majority of crossovers. If you like cars that look like nothing else on the road the Mokka may be just the car you were looking for.

Faster, and more fuel efficient, Opel Mokka’s sharper lines are a huge departure from the first generation Mokka’s softer, fluid lines.

The engine
Mokka is powered by a 1.2L, 3 cylinder engine producing a strong 96kw and 230nm. No need to change gears as it comes with an 8 speed automatic gearbox.

The best part of all of this is that the new Mokka now weighs 120kg less than the old one. If you are upgrading from the old Mokka, that means you will be getting a much faster, more fuel efficient car. All of this comes with a 3 year/120 000 Warranty and Roadside Plan as well as a 4 year/ 60 000km Service Plan. Fuel consumption has improved with a claimed average of 6.1L/100km.

If you are on the open road, that could climb down to 5.3L/100km. If you spend most of your time driving around town, Opel claims the Mokka will consume around 7.4L/100km.

Interior and Tech
Inside the Mokka, you will be greeted by a host of technological features. These features include a 12 inch crystal clear digital cluster, an infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, along with 6 speakers and multiple USB ports.

The Mokka 1.2T GS comes with impressive specs, including a 10-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto as standard.
The Opel Mokka GS line comes with full leather seats.

Driving is made easy with the previously mentioned 8 speed automatic, automatic cruise control and LED Matrix Headlights which are very bright, but do not blind oncoming drivers. Safety is taken care of by safety features you expect in a modern car such as ABS and EB. Added to this,
the Mokka also gets Forward Collision Warning which will brake for you if it detects you are about to hit another vehicle or pedestrian, which helps because we all get distracted from time to time.

The list of standard features is rather extensive, the Mokka will take care of all your motoring needs. One issue though, would have to be China, which – as stated previously in this article – is clearly on a mission to compete with European and Japanese rivals when it comes to excellent build quality, design and performance – just as it’s about undercuting the competition on price.

For an example, a fully loaded Haval H6 with all the important specs a potential buyer would need may cost the same, if not cheaper – R50 000 cheaper in most cases – than the new Oppel Mokka, which goes for R469 900 for the 1.2L standard version (Elegance), while the GS line is priced at R512 000.

That said, the Opel Mokka won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a stylish, safe and reliable mid size crossover great for family errands and weekend adventures.

* Pitso Mokoena, a doting father of one and sharp eyed motoring enthusiast has now joined the NOWinSA family and will provide our equally passionate readers with the latest updates on cars and automotive news with a refreshing honesty.

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