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Weekend Trip to West Hollywood

Are you a tourist looking to add West Hollywood to your travel bucket list but not sure which exciting places to explore? In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of your weekend trip to the bull's eye of Los Angeles, affectionately known as WeHo.

California is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. Travelers come from all across the world for the beaches, the weather, the culture, and Hollywood. However, many tourists don’t know that Hollywood is actually split into several sections.

West Hollywood is quite different from North or even East Hollywood. Today, we’ll show you how to make the most of a weekend trip to West Hollywood. California is very big, but tons of people live here. Lugging heavy bags and backpacks? Use a luggage storage service to stow your gear while you look around.

Ooh and Aah AT AMC Sunset 5

Many consider Hollywood as the beating heart of the American film industry. Thousands of films have been shot on location in Hollywood over the years and thousands of films were screened at the Sundance Cinema. The theatre has a new name these days; AMC Sunset 5.

AMC Sunset 5 has been a go-to location for film lovers since 1992. Reclining seats, IMAX auditoriums, and a connection to Robert Redford are all big draws. However, AMC 5’s perfect location – located in the north of West Hollywood – is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so popular.

Buy Something Nice At The Beverly Center

There are malls and then there’s the Beverly Center. This supersized shopping center is one of LA County’s largest and most prestigious malls. It’s not uncommon to find celebrities shopping here, surrounded by their entourage and bodyguards. Par for the course in LA.

Over 100 stores are located at the Beverly Center; you’ll find everything from big names like Macy’s and Bloomingdales to local boutiques that can’t be found anywhere.

The Beverly Center also features an amazing food court and is constantly being renovated.

Stay At Château Marmont

France has subtly influenced California’s culture in a myriad of ways. Countless streets are named after French figures and crepes are immensely popular Brunch dishes. Château Marmont is yet another pleasant reminder of France and California’s unique bond.

Rich history: The Château Marmont was built in 1929 by Arnold A. Weitzman and William Douglas Lee.

This hotel is retro to the nth degree; it was built in 1929 by Arnold A. Weitzman and William Douglas Lee. Weitzman and Lee deliberately styled Chateau Marmont after Château d’Amboise. Over the years, countless celebrities have stayed and dined here.

Crack Yourself Up At The Comedy Store

They say laughter is the best medicine. If that’s true, the Comedy Store has the remedy for all your troubles. The Comedy Store is a well-known name in West Hollywood; countless comedians have cut their teeth performing stand-up routines over the years.

The Comedy Store hosts a myriad of events almost every night. These events unfold in one of three rooms; the Main Room, the Original Room, and the Belly Room. Even though this venue opened in 1972, the Comedy Store has never gone out of style.

Make Some Great Memories At Melrose Avenue

A weekend trip to West Hollywood isn’t complete without a trip to Melrose Avenue. This famous street encapsulates West Hollywood very well. It’s full of shopping stores, restaurants, and exotic clubs. And don’t get us started on Melrose Avenue’s street art.

This area has appeared in everything from feature-length films to music videos. Independent filmmakers and local photographers flock to Melrose Ave for its scenic views.

Moreover, this street lies on the border between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

As international leisure travel is set skyrocket post Covid-19, a weekend trip to West Hollywood won’t complete without a trip to Melrose Avenue.
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

Patronize The Arts At The Pacific Design Center

LA County’s skyline is the stuff of legend. It’s one thing to see it online, but admiring the skyline in person is an experience that’s almost beyond words. That skyline isn’t an accident, it was designed to be amazing. Hence, the Pacific Design Center.

The Pacific Design Center is frequented by many of LA’s most brilliant designers. Architects, artists, 3D modelers, and everyone in between adore this facility. You can visit one of the Pacific Design Center’s showrooms to see tons of breathtaking work.

Rock Out At Roxy Theatre

Every building in West Hollywood has a fascinating story. The Roxy Theatre, for instance, used to be a strip club before Lou Adler and Elmer Valentine reinvented it. The Roxy Theatre reopened in 1973 and quickly became one of LA county’s most popular clubs.

If Roxy Theatre makes you think of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, that’s no coincidence. Lou Adler is credited as the man who brought the RHPS to the United States. Thanks to Mr. Adler, as well as legendary musicians like Neil Young, Roxy Theatre flourished.

Go For A Run At Runyon Canyon

California is often characterized as a state that’s obsessed with health and fitness. Honestly, that’s a fairly accurate description; between Muscle Beach, Runyon Canyon, and the myriad of organic restaurants in Cali, it’s hard to shake that label.

So we say embrace it! Runyon Canyon is a fantastic place to go for walks, runs, and hikes.

Tons of celebrities frequent this area; it’s not uncommon to cross paths with actors and musicians while you’re going for a stroll. The view at Runyon Canyon is worth the trip.

Score Some Souvenirs At Screenbid

Hollywood props aren’t exactly easy to come by. No doubt, you’ve heard stories of glasses or shoes from famous movies being sold for millions of dollars. Many of these items either end up in private collections or museums. Screenbid gives you a chance to score some loot.

This one-of-a-kind museum has a healthy collection of Hollywood props. These items aren’t just on display, however. Screenbid lets guests purchase certain items via auctions. Props from projects like Sons of Anarchy to Dr. Ken are available.

Go Sightseeing At Sunset Boulevard

When we talked about AMC 5, we briefly described its “perfect location”. That was a reference to Sunset Boulevard, one of the most illustrious highways in California. Sunset Boulevard actually stretches on for many, many miles.

The West Hollywood portion of Sunset Boulevard is known around the globe. After all,

Billy Wilder’s legendary film Sunset Boulevard (1950) pokes fun at and pays tribute to this area. When you visit Sunset Boulevard, be ready for your close up.

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