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Fugitive Thabo Bester girlfriend goes AWOL as her practice remains shut

There was no sign of any possible activity as fugitive and the infamous Facebook rapist Thabo Bester, and his aesthetic doctor girlfriend Nandipha Magudumana appear to be on the run after the latter indicated a week earlier that normal work activities will resume Wednesday at her now abandoned Morningside office in Johannesburg.

The best Aprils Fools prize goes to … in what was seemingly a clever decoy to mislead the public and distract the going police investigation, fugitive Thabo Bester’s celebrity girlfriend Dr Nandipha Magudumana managed to pull a real April Fools trick ahead of everyone after failing to live up to her promise that her Morningside medical practice will open at 9am Wednesday after sudden closure.

As many people had predicated, there was no sign of any possible activity as Magudumana appears to be on the run, along with her convicted Facebook rapist-turned murderer following the latter’s alleged escape from prison in 2022.

As seen in the Twitter thread below, members of the media, among them NOWinSA, were early this morning greeted by an empty office of the celebrity doctor’s Optimum Medical Aesthetic Solutions after she indicated last week in an Instagram post that it will be business as usual at her Johannesburg north office starting today.

A member of Green Park Corner business center told the media that Magudumana hasn’t been to work for some time since the scandal broke after it was brought to life by GroundUp. Asked if he’s received any communication at all from her, he was reluctant to say much ‘until there’s proper prove with what’s happening’, he said. “At the moment we have no comment, we’re still investigating,” he added. “So we really don’t want to say something that we cannot prove.”

When pressed further about any indication of her whereabouts, he said he’s made several efforts to reach her but “she’s doesn’t answer our calls when we call her”.

Convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester (left) and his girlfriend Nandipha Magudumana (right) appear to be on the run as the search for Bester intensifies.

Last week, the Department of Correctional Services confirmed that Bester is alive and did not commit suicide as previously reported. It’s believed that he escaped from the Mangaung maximum private prison last year, where he was serving a life sentence for murder and two charges of rape, and the police are now searching for him.

In a recent reveal by the Sunday Times, Bester and Magudumana are said to had been living it up in a R12m luxury home in the plush suburbs of Hyde Park in northern Johannesburg; until they were spotted shopping in Woolworths in Sandton City in a viral social media post that was taken last June, two months after his ‘death’.

An investigation is ongoing surrounding his baffling escape, and so is the mystery pertaining to the body found after the prison fire, which was previously believed to be Bester’s.

Temoso Mokoena
Temoso Mokoena
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