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Malema or menace?

The name Julius malema, brings many mixed emotions among South Africans, however one can not deny his unacanning ability to mobile the masses - young and old - and sway voters decision into his favour come 2024 elections.

As the 2024 elections draws closer and political parties have begun their rigorous campaigns, one can not deny the impact that Julius malema has had on the South African political landscape.

Whether you are a fan of Mr Malema or not is a discussion for another day. The name Julius Malema, however, brings many mixed emotions into the hearts of South Africans.

While some South Africans see him as a uniting voice or force, others see him as a divisive voice, a divisive figure in an aggressive pursuit for a non racial South Africa.

What we can all agree on is Mr Malema’s never say die spirit, an attitude he’s been proudly wearing from the time he was kicked out of the ANC Youth league, in a time he seemed to have been in his prime, to forming a political powerhouse with an uncanning ability to organise 1000s of loyal soldiers to mobilise in the streets with just 1 tweet. A party that is now 10 years old with 10% of the national vote. While it may not be enough to win the election alone, it is however more than enough to influence the outcome of the 2024 election.

Many political parties were formed from members falling out with the ruling party. The ANC many have come all of them have gone with the exception to the Economic Freedom Fighters, which this past weekend filled up the FNB stadium, a stadium that is synonymous with political history in the context of Black liberation as a whole.

And let’s be clear, The EFF looks looks set to be here for the next 10 years and counting. In what seems to be a growing support base, one cannot help but wonder if it stands the chance to ace the 2024 elections to become a governing party? It’s not farfetched to think so.

Are you open to change?

Change is inevitable in this political landscape, but the questio.n remains; are you open to that change? While many fear the radical policies of the EFF but understand without the buy in of the EFF into Coalitions the ANC has a good chance of retaining power.

Change is coming as South Africans look for a new dispensation to deliver on the promises of 1994.

I’s important that these conversations happen now, that as part of political education you familiarise yourself with the probabilities of the 2024 outcomes.

That’s for each eligible voter to decide. What are you willing to give or take? Have you sat down and openly listened to the policies behind land Redistribution and state ownership?

These are touchy issues that are contentious on social media platforms with alot of misnformation.

Leader of the Freedom Front Plus, Corne Mulder, spoke of a “Broad Church” where parties band together for the majority vote. The EFF could once again be the king maker that brings this broadchurch alive, realistically without their vote any Broad church or Moonshotpact is dead in the water.

Something thing to consider as you sit in the dark in the cold during these cold winter loadshed days.

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