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Mihlali’s shocking admission on dating a married man

'Oh no, darling. It's not my place to wait', this was a shocking remark South Africa's superstar social influencer Mihlali Ndamase made on her 'Unfollowed' Showmax interview when asked why she chose to date 'a married man'. And there's more!

It’s no secret that Mihlali Ndamase’s beau Leeroy Sidambe was reportedly a married man when he first hooked up with his ladylove – and reportedly he still is, legally that is.

This time, any little confusion left was laid to rest after her much-anticipated interview with host Thembekile Mrototo on the latest episode of Showmax series ‘Unfollowed‘.

And while the entrepreneur issued an official statement confirming his separation from his estranged wife, Maryjane Sidambe, we are told that they’re still legally married, which is why some people have accused the beauty influencer of being a homewrecker, and likewise why her unapologetic interview on ‘Unfollowed’ episode 7 had caused a stir among nitezens.

In the episode, Ndamase faces tough questions about gold digging, her alleged assault of YouTuber Musawenkosi Khawula, and of course homewrecking.

When Mrototo asks her, “Why a married man?” she fires back: “Oh, no, darling. It’s not my place to wait. I’m not the one who’s married. It is him who decided that he wants to find a partner and date someone.”

SA’s superstar social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase with beau Leeroy Sidambe: Photo: Ndamase’s Twitter (now X)

While the remark didn’t surprise many who were privy of her dating shenanigans with Sidambe, it was hearing her personally admit that she’s dating a married man that raised many eyebrows. “Watching Mihlali admit that she’s dating a married man on Unfollowed is crazy business. Are you not afraid of karma? Y’all are brave out here,” one user (@asanda_teedow) commented on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

Others who disagree with the suggestion that Ndamase was unfollowed believe she wasn’t the perfect fit for the show. “I don’t think #Unfollowed was the right show for Mihlali. Look at the other guests in that show and the level of being ‘cancelled’ and look at her. She was extremely bullied but cancelled? I don’t think so,” X user @Nampree wrote.

In another probing question on whether she dated Sibande because he’s got money, Ndamase gasps bravepy answers: “I’ve got my own money! Are you mad?… There’s a lot of men with money in the world. But do they respect women?”

Unfollowed S1 is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday.

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