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DA elects white supremacist and ‘swart gevaar’ social media instigator Renaldo to GNU

Thanks to the recently launched petition, backlash mounts as open white supremacist and well-documented "swart gevaar" social media instigator Renaldo Gouws gets rewarded with a top Parliament seat in the new government of national unity by the DA.

By Mosa Cibi

Renaldo Gouws, an open white supremacist and well-documented “swart gevaar” (Apartheid’s term referring to the perceived security threat of the majority black) social media instigator who has openly made disparaging racial comments over his social media career has been rewarded by the pro-white Democratic Alliance (DA) with a seat in Parliament.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Renaldo Gouws, a shameless racist will be in Parliament having a say in how to uplift and empower South African natives and influence legislation. It’s almost like trusting and believing a wolf to look for the straying sheep while the shepherd tend to the rest of the flock.

The Government of National Unity is supposed to be just that, a government that unifies the nation – as necessitated by the 2024 National elections that saw the ANC losing it’s outright 30-year majority for the first time since Apartheid’s end. But how will that be possible when the DA has purposely included a racist who feeds off the “swart gevaar” rhetoric walks around playing victim all day?

“Back in the day black people were beaten black people were killed,” reads one of Gouws’ past posts, further adding: “Today white people are beaten, white people are killed, white people are discriminated against…call me a F*cken racist.”

During the Afcon games Gouws labeled Mama Joy, a South African superfan a “prostitute” in another controversial post, saying: “They get tickets for free in spots where they know the camera is going to focus on, and then they are literally prostitutes to promote South Africa”.

Knowing the extensive and painful history of racism, the DA thought it would be best to send this pasty race soldier to Parliament to engage with a majority black Parliament on issues that concern the rest of us, whites included. It is clear the DA plans to frustrate the GNU and collapse what remains of the ANC, and not surprisingly President Cyril Ramaphosa will be to blame for the disintegration of South Africa’s oldest liberation movement.

There’s no doubt the DA has no interest in good faith effort to promote the public good, because if they were, how does one explain the presence of a racist who clearly hates black people and black politics. The mere thought of equality whips him up into dishing out racist and profane outbursts.

And while the details of what the so-called broad government of unity would look like are yet to be unpacked by the two main signatories – the ANC and DA – the GNU has many misgivings as it stands. Nonetheless, one thing we know for sure is that we can expect more white tears and fragility. While it’s obvious the DA under Helen Zille and John Steenhuisen has more interest in creating divisiveness than uniting us as a nation, we should all pray and hope for the best – but expect the very worst.

Petition launched to remove Gouws from National Assembly

An urgent petition demanding the removal of DA member from Parliament for his past “racially charged remarks” has since been launched in the aftermath of Gouws’ appointment.

The petition laments Gouws’ well-documented racial remarks against people of colour, which it decribes as “a stark reminder of how quickly we can regress” if such behavior is left unchecked. 

“His public utterances, filled with threats and racially charged comments, are a direct affront to our democratic values and the harmony of our diverse society. South Africa, a nation that has been wracked by the pain of apartheid, has no place or tolerance for such divisive sentiments, particularly from a Parliamentary member who ought to be a promoter of unity,” the petition reads in part.

But as experience has taught us, the DA will just whine about “wokeness” and “cancel culture” with no repercussions for this terrible blunder.

Besides, petitions in South Africa appears not hold any weight besides letting citizens know that people are rallying behind a particular discourse; it may be pointless I must say if those it addresses don’t care about the well-being of the signatories or simply put majority blacks. Only time will tell!

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