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The Dumb Alliance (DA) simps for US interference in South African elections

In an attempt to distract the public from their declining support, the Democratic Alliance has made a play to undermine the integrity of our electoral system by baselessly lobbying for the United States and EU intervention, writes Mosa Sibi.

By Mosa Cibi

It’s no secret that the leader of the DA John Steenhuisen didn’t graduate top of his class, because he didn’t graduate at all.

That he has no post-matric qualifications or degree is truly strange, given that when was first brought into office first as the party’s chief whip 2014 and then reappointed in 2019, the position required to be filled by a degree holder. Besides occupying the top seat in the DA, neither him nor another fellow dumb DA leader, Helen Zille, seems best suited to take the DA forward given the glaring blunders in most of their decisions.

As many would know, it’s election season so there will be a lot of dumbest and silliness at the level best, and true to nature the DA has taken things further and decided to be borderline treasonous. In an attempt to distract the public from their declining numbers, the party has made a play to undermine our sovereignty and integrity of our electoral system.

In a shocking development this week, the DA has written to the United States of America’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the European Union for aid in helping to shape what it describes as the integrity of the upcoming national elections on May 29 (2024).

The DA believes the meteoric rise of the MK Party, who’s number one candidate is the former statesman Jacob Zuma, and the subsequent decline in support of the ruling party, the ANC – according to polls – pose a significant threat to our democracy. “We are of the view that MK poses a substantive risk to the continued peaceful nature of our political discourse as a nation,” the letter reads in a move that has angered not only throngs of South Africans, but President Cyril Ramaphosa, who at the ANC election campaign in Ekurhuleni on Saturday accused the DA of “mortgaging our democracy”, and called the letter “disingenuous”.

To the credit of the ANC, South Africa has always allowed international obeserves international observers – the media and other regional bodies within the continent – to monitor our elections, irrespective how bad the affairs of the ruling party may appear to be at the time. Hence it makes no sense to have the DA lobbying the US and the EU, when it’s always been a norm in every elections.

Strange enough, as they (the DA) are going to America for help, it’s not as if they themselves (the US) have a good standing when it comes to upholding the integrity of their elections. Is the DA not aware of the insurrection that took place on January 6 (2020) in America, when a violent mob broke into the US Capitol in an effort to halt the certification of the electoral vote and overturn the elections in favour of Donald Trump? – the insurrection was thankfully unsuccessful.

It looks as the DA is not aware of the tidal wave of voter suppression laws that continues to disenfranchise African American voters? Perhaps they are not in the know about Gerrymandering laws in the black voter districts? Or perhaps they’re simply unsettled by the recent Ipsos polls, which shows that the EFF could out perform and unseat them as the official opposition. What with the glaring reality that they further run the risk of losing a number of votes in the Western Cape to the Gayton Mckenzie led Patriotic Alliance.

So perhaps the DA is aware, but is being ill-advised by their new American law firm. Instead of doing introspection as to why their popularity is fast fading, they’ve opted to seek interference from a country with a terrible track record of upholding its own voter rights. There couldn’t be a Dumber Alliance.

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