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‘Legacy’ cast share their favourite on-set moments

As the countdown begins to the most awaited telenovela of the year, lead cast members Anton David Jeftha, Kgomotso Christopher, Jay Anstey and Trix Vivier took time from their busy schedules to chat about their favourite on-set moments and what inspire them.

Premiering at 7pm on Monday (September 21) on M-Net’s DStv Channel 101, Legacy is set in the fast-paced world of investment billionaires and focuses on a family at war with itself. 

The brainchild of Gwydion Beynon and Phathu Makwarela, the show follows the lives of the wealthy Price family led by patriarch Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz).

Sebastian’s wife Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) and his daughter Felicity (Mary-anne Barlow) both have their eyes on the throne and will do whatever it takes to lead Legacy Investments and, in turn, the Price family. 

In this article, Anton David Jeftha, Kgomotso Christopher, Jay Anstey and Trix Vivier chat about their upcoming roles in Legacy, who inspires them and what their favourite on-set moment has been. 


Q: How did you land your role in Legacy?

ADJ: I was set to head back to the United States, said my goodbyes to my Cape Town agent, Karen, and as I left her office, she ran out and said, “Anton, this brief just came in! I think you should consider – it seems perfect for you.”  Two self tapes and a chemistry test with my co-star Petra Potgieter later, and here I am.

Q: Tell us about your character and what you enjoy most?

ADJ: I love the challenge of growing into a character over an extended amount of time. This is the longest I’ve ever signed onto a project. It’s usually guest star roles or features that are shot over a month or so. That being said, I’m still getting to know Sebastian Jr as I go along. He has always had a silver spoon in his mouth yet remains grounded and is able to kick it anywhere – be it in Soweto at his grandmother’s place, Sandton with the Legacy Investments fam or abroad. He battles to remain whole and keep his integrity in a world infested with corruption and ruthless scandal.

Q: What has been your favourite on-set moment thus far?

ADJ: Ah, there have been so many! Before I narrow it down to one, I have to add that we get to shoot at so many beautiful locations, which are so unique and fun in their own ways. I’d say it’s between the moments filming at the gorgeous Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa in Limpopo and running after a moving car trying to save my co-star Petra in Soweto. Oh ya, the moments between scenes when the Price family waits in a room together; we always have a ton of laughs. We’re all a bunch of very different yet unique characters.

Q: What can we expect from your character in the coming week?

ADJ: Besides his impeccable sense of fashion (Shout out to Kgomotso and her incredible wardrobe team!), the audience will see just how family-orientated Sebastian Jr is and how he strives to be the glue that holds the family together and deplores familial nastiness. You’ll also notice how much of a momma’s boy he is as he seldomly leaves his mom Dineo’s side and tries to protect her from scrutiny. Through all the internal challenges he is facing, he still manages to hold on to his humanity and seek goodness – if not love – from those around him he feels he can trust.

Q: What is your on-set superpower?

ADJ: Mmm good question…  I like to think that I’m friends with everyone on set. I enjoy walking into every department, taking a seat and having a chat with them. I like to ensure we’re all very comfortable with each other so if I’m able to make someone laugh in the middle of their 12-hour day or take them up a bit in tone then I’m happy. So I’d say keeping things light and fun on set is my superpower!

Q: If you weren’t in acting, what would you be doing?

ADJ: I have a BCom in Finance, Economics and Information Systems and dropped out halfway through my Honours in Finance to pursue acting. So I’d say it would have to be in the arts as commerce wasn’t for me. I’d love to do more singing and focus on being a voice artist, too.


Q: Tell us about your character and what you enjoy most about playing her?

KC: Dineo Price is the “new: matriarch of the very wealthy Price family. She screams money, wealth and opulence. She is a corporate woman, a mother and a protector of her family’s legacy. It’s been an interesting journey to play a cool, calm and collected character; Dineo is measured and keeps her cards close to her.

Q: What has been your favourite on-set moment thus far?

KC: Shooting on location at the exquisite Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa in Limpopo, during lockdown, when everyone in the country was eager to leave our respective provinces and catch a breath of fresh air. The opportunity to do just that came through our location shoot.

Q: If you weren’t in acting, what would you be doing?

KC: I would probably have gone into international relations and worked in the Diplomatic Corp. Once upon a time, for a fleeting moment, that was the plan. It was a fleeting moment that influenced my choice to also study political science and law.


Q: How did you land your role in Legacy?

JA: I auditioned for Legacy at the beginning of the year for the character of Lexi and didn’t hear back for over a month! I was sure I didn’t get the part but, suddenly, I was asked to re-audition for the role of Elizabeth. I thought for sure when I got the call saying I’d been cast that it was for Elizabeth because I’m more like her than Lexi, so when I found out I’d be playing Lexi, I was so surprised! I couldn’t be more different from her [Laughs].

Q: Tell us about your character and what you enjoy most about playing her?

JA: Everything! Even though she’s somewhat of a spoilt brat, she’s so unapologetic and her dry sense of humour and ability to always speak her mind makes her so much fun to play! Also, her fashion… urgh! It’s every girl’s dream.

Q: How does it feel to be at the helm of this telenovela in comparison to other roles you have played?

JA: M-Net has graciously given me two incredible roles to play this year. Firstly, Tamsin, a girl on the wrong side of the tracks, on Inconceivable then Lexi on Legacy. Lexi is by far the spiciest, comedic and playful character I’ve ever had the honour of playing. I get to tap into my girly side with her – from fashion to witty lines; she’s truly one of a kind.

Q: What has been your favourite on-set moment thus far?

JA: It’s rare that a cast this big all get along but that’s what we’ve managed to manifest. Not only that, but we have so many jokers in the cast, too – Don, Anton, Sean-Marco, Neil, Reandi. They’re actually all nerdy goofballs! We surprise each other daily during scenes. Recently, during a tense scene, Don surprised us all by taking a selfie with another character in the middle of the take – it was hilarious! We need to have a blooper reel! [Laughs.]


Q: Who inspires you most and why?

TV: Creatives working in South Africa. COVID-19 has reaped havoc amongst many industries but we have managed to pick ourselves up and find ways to overcome this crazy, unpredictable pandemic. It takes guts to work as a creative in the theatre, film and entertainment industry to begin with, but trumping COVID is a testament to our resilience and passion for what we love to do: Telling stories. I am so grateful. It is a privilege. Massive shout out to our cast, crew and everyone who made – and is making – Legacy happen.

Q: What other projects do you currently have in the pipeline? 

TV: I am in the process of producing a play with my sister, who is also an actress, and I am shooting a feature film early next year for the Silwerskermfees 2021. I am also hoping M-Net decides to do a Trackers season 2 as I loved playing that character so much!

Q: What is your on-set superpower?

TV: The ability to laugh at myself, to support my co-stars, my focus, and the fact that I can be completely present and in the moment. I always allow the scene to become whatever it needs me to be and have no preconceived ideas of how a scene should play out. More than anything, I listen to my director, my DOP and the amazing crew that is behind the scenes.

‘Legacy’: broadcast channels, special access and more

The highly-awaited M-Net’s telenovela starts on DStv channel 101, Monday, September 21, at 7pm and will be broadcast Mondays to Thursday.

DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access subscribers will be given access to the DStv Premium channel from September 21 to 24 (from 7pm-7.30pm only). 

Among a series of brand new local and international shows premiering Septemper, Legacy will also be available on DStv Catch up via Explora as well as DStv Now.  

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