5 new relatable, and irresistible music to start off the new year right

2020 is no doubt going to be good year for great music, with exciting new releases from the likes of South African-born Aussie superstar, Jarid Williams, Afro-pop artist Minzo and former Adam's frontman Kyle Grant.


Happy New Year! As a music lover, you have a every reason to get excited as you look ahead for the wonderful things that the year 2020 has in store for you.

A number of promising newcomers and established names alike have already dropping brand new music and what better way to start the new year than by taking a peak into what the music future holds for us.

Here are five new irresistible releases that will get you grooving:

1. Jarid Williams: “Dont Complicate It


WHAT’S COOKING: The latest single to hit the airwaves from South African-born Australian superstar, Jaris Williams, is a hot new sensual track titled “Don’t Complicate It”.

Following the success of his previous single, “Slow Down On It”, this latest release as described by the star himself as “a fusion of 90’s RnB and today’s beats with some pop and hip hop elements,”.

The release comes just months after he completed a successful SA media tour of his previous hit single, Slow Down On It, which thsaw him stop by places such as Jacaranda FM and Afternoon Express among others.

The inspiration behind the songs, he says, comes from a personal life experience. “I was dating this girl and things were going great the way it was. It was casual, no strings attached. We were both incredibly busy so it worked for us. Things started to change when feelings got involved and started causing conflict in the situation. So the song just talks about not complicating a good thing because everything we need we are getting the way it is now.”

BACKGROUND: No stranger to the industry, Jarid was the winner of the 2013 World Championships of Performing Arts, which led to him Jarid to open for acts such as Brian McKnight at the formerly known Nokia Theatre in LA. 

A sought-after model, radio and TV presenter, he has been nominated for an Australian Music Award, starred in a hit TV show and was top contender in Idols Australia, where he was mentored by US music legend Babyface and many others.

LISTEN: You can have a listen to “Don’t Complicate It” here: https://youtu.be/XA7vNUBrSzo

2. Minzo: “Ziyabuya Egoli

WHAT’S COOKING: Born and raised in Kwazulu-Natal, Afro-pop artist, Minzo has just released his new single, “Ziyabuya Egoli”, which is rich in inspiration from the fast-paced life that Johannesburg has to offer.

“Ziyabuya Egoli” highlights the ups and downs of life in Johannesburg. “I see all these people coming up to Johannesburg to try and make a better life for themselves. It’s not always easy to leave your family and relocate but it is often necessary. These people work incredibly hard and they kepe going no matter how tough it gets sometimes,” he says.

A song that immediately takes you into a ‘feel-good’ trance “Ziyabuya Egoli” is deeply rooted in the musical landscape of Africa. It is no surprise to find that some of his musical influences are great artists such as the late Mtshengiseni, SAMA award-winning artist, Khuzani and Sjava to name a few. 

BACKGROUND: Born Minenhle Langalakhe Kunene and raised by a single mother in Kwazulu-Natal, Minzo has now made his way to Johannesburg to pursue a career in music full-time. When it comes to writing his music, Minzo prefers an unconventional approach and avoids physically sitting and writing down his thoughts. He prefers to be given a mic and let the magic happen from there. His big dream would be to land himself a record deal in the near future to take him to the next level of his career. 

LISTEN: You can have a listen to “Ziyabuya Egoli” here: https://youtu.be/UnVd0O1CQ80

3. One Voice: “Secret Love Song

WHAT’S COOKING: One Voice has been the talk of the town since the release of their debut single and album earlier this year. Now these talented young girls are back in the spotlight with a music video that is set to impress viewers of all ages.

Secret Love Song” is one of their favourite songs by Little Mix and audiences at their shows have been responding very well to their rendition of this hit.

This intimate, slightly melancholic track, is about forbidden love that cannot be stopped. To illustrate this message, the video was filmed in and on the rooftop of a romantic old building at Church Square in Pretoria. McCrea Media’s Shaun McCreanor headed up the project as director and producer.  

“We came up with the concept for the video after carefully studying the meaning of the lyrics,” Shaun says. “We tried to film it in such a way that the sad theme of the song comes through, but that the performances by the group, in the different scenes, are soulful and uplifting.”

The message is that you are free and that true love should not be kept a secret, but should rather be shared with the world.

BACKGROUND: One Voice, which consists of Kalinka Kilian, Carla Strauss, Karma Coetzer and Janke Bester, is known for their upbeat love songs.

Their latest release follows in the footsteps of their first single, “Droomplaneet“, which can currently be heard on radio stations nationwide.

Both tracks feature on their self-titled debut album, which consists of nine tracks, and can be downloaded from various digital platforms. 

The group that combines four unique vocals to create a modern harmonious pop sound, was formed in 2018 after the girls met and decided to combine their skills to create something new and exciting in the local market. 

LISTEN: You can find “Secret Love Song” on their debut album here: https://music.apple.com/za/album/one-voice/1469311205

4. Faraway George: “Sugar Cane

WHAT’S COOKING: Fans of the folk singer Faraway George are in for a treat with his newly single and video, “Sugar Cane“, which is already a hit with the locals.

The first track off the singer’s new album – written by the singer/songwriter himself – is about the realisation that you aren’t alone with your thoughts and feelings. “There are people who share this life, and certain situations, with us, be it a brother, sister or a friend. This can change any situation, making it less lonely and more enriching.” 

The inspiration for the song, he says, came not only from empathy for and the observation of other people, but also from his personal experience of struggling with a sense of belonging and seeking understanding of his place in the world.

 “Sugar Cane” has a playful sound, which should appeal to listeners of all ages. “It should also resonate with people as it reminds us that good things can come from difficult times, even if we only realise it after the fact,” he says.

The song has quite a unique approach in that it was recorded during a live recording session. What prompted this decision was the desire to go back to basics, as he explains here: “I wanted to return to the core of the music; that which happens when everyone in a room believes in a song. It is like magic!”

Written back in 2013, the song is one of four titles recorded live during a recent recording session at the Centurion Theatre, in Pretoria.

The video for the song also form part of the live recording session and was released on YouTube as a four-part series with the other three tracks/videos.

BACKGROUND: Born in Pietersburg (Polokwane), Faraway George was greatly influenced by jazz as a young boy and started playing the guitar as a teenager.

He signed up to study architecture but halted his studies to pursue a career in music. His debut EP, Vir ’n Vreemdeling, was released in 2016.

While he is a fairly new to the local music industry, he believes that he has already learned some valuable lessons. “When I first started out, I was trapped in my own little world and really struggled to convey my passion during performances. But I’ve learned to look at people when I perform, and to give them my music,” he says. “Also, respect everyone. Be nice. And be thorough.”

 The young artist is putting final touches to his upcoming full length album, slated for release in March 2020.

PURCHASE: The song is available on all digital platforms, including Spotify.

LISTEN: You can have a listen to Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/SH-ogcKdPTM

5. Kyle Grant: “Grown-up Christmas List

WHAT’S COOKING: There are a number of musicians who have been critically and commercially lauded for their solo work after achieving initial success as part of a group. With the release of his recently released single – a Christmas ballad titled, “Grown-up Christmas List”, Kyle Grant is set to join their ranks.

First released in 1990, it is an inspirational ballad addressing Father Christmas from an adult’s point of view. Recorded and produced by Hugo Ludik for Muse Productions, it is the singer’s first solo release after the disbandment of the pop trio, Adam.

“The song is a list of heartfelt wishes for the human race,” explains Kyle. “I heard it for the first time when I was on holiday in the USA as a teenager. I remember being touched by the message. However, I have never heard it on South African radio. I strongly feel it is a message that all South Africans need to hear right now.”

Released early last month, Kyle believes tthe song will resonate with listeners as it is honest and relatable. 

“I am a very sentimental, deep and empathetic person. To me, honesty is the most important part of being a singer. One has to be inspired in order to truly inspire others,” says Kyle. “I honestly believe that this song needs to be heard by South African audiences.” 

BACKGROUND: This is not the artist’s first solo single – he had great success with an original song called I Want It To Be Me, which was released when he was just seventeen years old. 

He has since gone on to achieve a gold status album and numerous number one singles (“Goud”, “Hoogtevrees”, “Sê My”, “Say What You Want“) on various radio stations as a lead singer of the acclaimed male music group Adam.

Music undoubtedly runs in Kyle’s blood. “My parents were both professional corporate musicians and my grandmother was an opera singer. Music is my truth and my escape. It is my only true form of expression,” he says.

In addition to actively having worked in the music industry for sixteen years, the entertainer has acted on television and stage. He played leading roles in international touring musicals Dirty Dancing and High School Musical.

As an actor Kyle has starred in EgoliBackstage and Getroud Met Rugby among others. However, the highlight of his impressive career to date was winning a South African Music Award (SAMA) for best for best pop album for “Hoogtevrees” while with Adams in 2017.

PURCHASE: “Grown-up Christmas List” is now available on all digital platforms, including Spotify.

LISTEN: You can have a listen to the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ByG6lG-_UU

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